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    ET for Ornella

    This has been a previous suggestion but it was declined as it was to be too op for her
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    #2 [POLL] Player Evaluation

    don't play it as much as I used to, I know the dev is doing their best, but stuff has gotten pretty repetitive, though I still do enjoy playing it from time to time
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    Reduction in Food Recipe Ingredients

    I agree on this, usually most common way to get crops is from mob drop now since the amount of drops in farm is considerably low, making crop farming not so useful
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    [GIVEAWAY] 5k Andromida Tokens

    Family : SerjeantOctopus Family Level: 60 Discord: Oprah Winfrey #9183
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    Agreed, make it 80%
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    How to farm Vis

    Bounty Hunter, Castilla, kielce daily of hotel schiff, and elizabeth are pretty newbie friendly
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    [Giveaway] New Character: Tom

    Family name: SerjeantOctopus Level: 56 Discord:Oprah Winfrey #9183
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    [ACCEPTED]Add Ancient Star Orbs in feso shop

    So, let's say you're doing a raid, you run out of aso, at this point aso are similar to bullets, they are needed for skills just like regular bullets are needed. So it'd be very convenient to put them in the feso store, like one 1k aso box can be sold for 10k feso, and the 10k aso box can be...
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    [ACCEPTED]Restore spawn rate back to normal on rhasphody of dead man

    no, I mean to restore the spawn rate back to normal, from what I know, you reduced spawn rate from all of the missions to reduce server load, including this mission, due to the reduction in spawn rate, it takes the mission a lot longer to complete since elite mobs take much longer to spawn with...
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    [ACCEPTED]Restore spawn rate back to normal on rhasphody of dead man

    I do it specifically for Rosa's quest, I can do the mission as well, it just takes way too long to complete it, mainly because the 8 elite mobs that you have to kill spawn way too slow.
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    [ACCEPTED]Restore spawn rate back to normal on rhasphody of dead man

    I'm currently doing Rosa's recruitment quest and the most painful one has become rhaphsody of dead man, solely because it takes around forever for all the 8 elite mobs to respawn, it'll take 30 seconds to 1 minute for one to spawn making the mission way too long. Restoring it back to normal...
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    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens Giveaway

    IGN: SerjeantOctopus Discord: Oprah Winfrey #9183
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    [FIXED]Catherine Arjerear costume hair missing

    Catherine's arjerear costume hair doesn't appear in dressing room, it has a matching head set. The same issue is with adelina's head issue as well
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    [DECLINED]Overhaul Armor Enhancement

    I agree to this, this would make armor enhancing A LOT more bearable, atm armor enhancement to +6 and +7 is such a hassle and depends on an awful lot on gacha, fixing this to more amounts of impervs used instead will have it depend a lot less on gacha, and so on and so forth