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    [DECLINED]Roulette timer and timing

    Is it possible to reduce the time of the" animation " of the roulette with the reward on the missions? This process does not introduce intrigue in the game, but rather an inconvenience when you need to watch out not to miss the results and click on the bonus roulette. It is especially...
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    Why the reward is changing everytime?O_o

    I accidentally discovered that the reward changes in achievements:oops: The time difference between the screenshots is a few seconds. With other achievements in this window like this is not observed. Perhaps I should have posted it in the bugs section.
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    [CLOSED] Rod Costume Doesnt Work

    Problem resolved
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    [FIXED]RAZANTZ skill ring signed as a Wrath Guard Ring

    As i wrote in the topic - RAZANTZ skill ring signed as a Wrath Guard Ring.
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    [FIXED]Bloody First Stance

    Are these all one stance? :oops: Cant find anywhere [Bloody First] stance