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  1. Arcanine

    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens Giveaway

    Its that time again! Lets do a giveaway <3 Example: IGN: Arcis Discord: Arcanine#0069 Everyone is free to enter the giveaway (even if you're from HotBoys, you are welcome <3) but alternative accounts are not allowed to enter. Giveaway ends on June 22nd.
  2. Arcanine

    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens

    Hey guys~ Its been a long time but, lets do a giveaway~ 3.000 Andromida Tokens will be given to the lucky player who enters~ To enter you need to post your IGN/Discord in this thread~ Example: IGN: Arcis Discord: Arcanine#0069 Everyone is free to enter the giveaway (even if you're from...
  3. Arcanine

    [GUIDE] Disabling broad

    Hate the toxic broads during CW? Well you can disable them by following this guide 1. Press Alt + O 2. Press UI 3. Under "See Floating Text" press "Unused" Congrats! You can't see trashtalking broads now <3
  4. Arcanine

    [DECLINED]Quiritatio Dimension Piece Daily Quests

    Adding daily quests for Quiritatio Dimension Piece. Raids like Castilla/CT/CTB/Tigress have daily quests, why can't Quiritatio get quests? The quest would be turning roulette at each floor and the rewards for turning in are pickable like CT. Below are some examples of what you can pick. (Collect...
  5. Arcanine

    [GUIDE] Quiritatio Dimension Piece Raid

    This guide will be updated when I get more information. Floor 1 to Floor 6 Cleared by Nemesis Faction You can enter Quiritatio Dimension Piece after completing Altria Episode 2, but if you want free access you need to complete later scenario quests in Altria. To access this raid, go to River...
  6. Arcanine

    [ENDED] 1000 Adromida Token Giveaway

    Want something in the cash shop?! Well enter in this giveaway! I will be giving away 1000 Adromida Tokens to a lucky winner! Write your IGN/Discord i.e IGN: Arcis Discord: Arcanine#0069 NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS!
  7. Arcanine

    [ENDED] $12 Store Credit - Giveaway

    Want something in the next character patch? Well enter in this giveaway! I will be giving away $12 in store credit to a lucky winner! Giveaway will end 1~2 hours after the cash shop is updated this or next week. Prize might increase by 1~3 dollars if newer characters cost more than $12. Write...
  8. Arcanine

    [ACCEPTED]Adding more Essential NPCs to Cities

    Im suggesting to add more essential npcs to cities. Cite of Reboldoeux Faction Vault NPC Alchemy Table Ancient Relic Machine Port of Coimbra Faction Vault NPC Rank Merchant Expedition Merchant Alchemy Table Cooking Pot Ancient Relic Machine City of Auch Rank Merchant Expedition Merchant...
  9. Arcanine

    [DECLINED]Mystic Ampule & Mystic Potion & Mystic Liquor

    Suggestion to make Mystic Ampule & Mystic Potion & Mystic Liquor persisting after channel swapping, barracks, moving maps and dying. This is a quality of life change, Principal Potions, Hrin Liquors and Triumph Filters are able to persist on swapping, why can't Mystic Ampule & Mystic Potion &...
  10. Arcanine

    [KGE]: New Region [Ailis]

    Update preview Ailis Region "A world in which advancement of human age came about a year after the 'Star Falls' day in Quiritatio." Final fight with Orden? or is it end of the world? An unexplained accident occurs in some resorts in Orphesia, the old continent. As a courageous citizen's...
  11. Arcanine

    [ENDED] Illusion Card Giveaway

    Starting now, I am giving away 1 selected card in cash shop every time it updates! Giveaway ends April 26, 2020 This week's card is.. Illusion! Write your IGN/Discord i.e IGN: Arcanine Discord: Arcanine#0069 NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS!
  12. Arcanine

    [kGE] Christina, Commander of the Special Forces Region

    [Christina] Vesponola Special Manager of the Land Forces Special Forces. At the command of the military, she is dispatched with the Captain for inspection at the self-governing ruler, Ilisia. [Basic Introduction] - Christina uses a [Cannon] as a weapon and wears [Leather Armor] and [Metal...
  13. Arcanine

    [ENDED] Friede Card Giveaway

    I accidentally bought two Friede cards. I will giveaway this card. I will choose a winner from lists once this poll ends. Goodluck everyone! Sign up by putting your IGN and discord in this post i.e Note: NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS ALLOWED IN THIS GIVEAWAY! IGN: Arcanine Discord...
  14. Arcanine

    [ACCEPTED]Revamp of Topolo Durga

    Description . Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve? How urgent is this, rate 1-5 (1 = low, 5 = high) Will it affect the game economy? Will it affect a core feature of the game? If we approve it, what will happen? If we decline it, what will...
  15. Arcanine

    [S] Cash Shop Items [W] Vis

    New thread since my previous thread was being used for off-topic. Selling Cash Shop items. Rate: $1 Store Credit = 20mil
  16. Arcanine

    [B] Various items [H] Vis

    Buying List Valeron Blessing - 34 7m Valeron Blessing - 35 m14 Dream of Devil 100k ea Growth Stone 1m ea Reinforced Stance Book 2.5m ea Symbol of Naraka 250k ea Token - BH 1k ea +7 Elite Schivalier Armor 11m
  17. Arcanine

    [S] Cash Shop items [W] Vis

    Selling Cash Shop items (idk if this is allowed Dianmir pls explain) example: Cadet Elisa Card ($10) ->125M Vis (likely rise in price) PM me offer we'll make a deal
  18. Arcanine

    [SOLD] [S] Soulbringer Stancebook [W] Other rare characters

    Proof: Looking for: QSJ / Chungha / MSB / Canna / Jaina / Rubiana or leave offers
  19. Arcanine

    Favorite Reboldoeux Character?

    Whats your favorite Reboldeux Character?
  20. Arcanine

    Favorite Stock Character?

    Whats your favorite stock character and why? My favorite stock character is musketeer because it's great for pvp/pve. Expert stances are better than most stances and still used endgame.