Allow converting 1 Thick Meat into 2~3 Meats on Mixing?

Should there be mixing to convert Thick Meat into Meats?

  • Yes

  • No

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Nov 3, 2021
I ask for the possibility of adding a recipe, where you can mix 1 Thick Meat into 2~3 Meats of that type.
So, for example, turning 1 Thick Wolf Meat, into 2~3 Wolf Meats.
Due to how useful that is, I guess it's fair the constraint of having 50% chance of that work, and increase with the level of Mixing.

The reason of why I ask this, is because in case one's looking, for example, for Wolf Meats, they can try converting the Thick Wolf Meats they looted into what they need.

In my idea, they should be recipe level 0, and give 3 wolf meats on the success. If it fails, give only 1.

The reason why I say to convert into 2~3 Meats, is because at higher levels of mixing, you can convert 5 Meats into a Thick Meat, and of course, that would lead to a sort of exploiting the mixing system (At least if you have the patience to farm for Rafflesia leaves).