[DECLINED]Possible Lag Fix


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Jan 7, 2021
I have been using a popular application called "ExitLag" which has an incredible amount of games where it improves lag significantly. I have used it for Call of Duty MW, Ragnarok, and more.

I believe the application is around 22EU or $35 for one year or something like that.

Perhaps reaching out to them and investigating how to get GEAndromeda on that program to help players connect better to the server would decrease lag significantly!

Just a random thought! Love the server!


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Mar 25, 2020
Lag is subjective and not every player is affected by it. We are a private server and reaching out to a company like you suggested would cause us legal troubles.
It mostly depends on distance between player and our datacenter in Europe. The bigger the distance, the more likely a player faces lag.
Furthermore there is already a guide for players who face lag issues: https://granado-espada.to/index.php?threads/guide-solving-connectivity-lag-issues.227/