Lucifer Missions roulettes and drops

Do you want to change Lucifer Missions to help getting Artifact materials?

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Mar 29, 2020
Hello, it got into my attention that alot of players have a hard time gathering materials for their artifacts or its very pricey in the market if they are there.

So I suggest reworking the drops/roulettes of Lucifer missions to give all kinds of materials to help the players farm and craft their artifacts, lucifer missions are rarely done by members due to its old forgotten rewards, so this will be a great opportunity to take that advantage for QoL change to help the players get what they want in a fun activity.

putting all the artifacts materials in the roulettes and drops in an (x) amount since there r multiple bosses in those missions 1 full run can get you a good amount of materials.

Also changing the Lucifer Missions shop can be changed for something useful to encourage the players in doing it also.

this is just a suggestion its not detailed but i hope it will catch the devs eyes to work on it and do it in way they think it will benefit the community.

thanks 🙏