[NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 08.08.2023 (For All)

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Mar 28, 2020
Maintenance will take place on 08.08.2023 at [GLOBAL] 13:00 GMT+1. [SEA] 14:00 GMT+1.
The duration of the maintenance will be between 30 - 60 minutes or more depending on if issues arise

  • Bug Fixes
    • Armshields would grant negative DR and give no additional stats from description​
    • Giltine Rings did not give correct amount of Human DMG​
      • Human DMG now affects both PC/Mob​
    • Socket certain Body Costume was causing crash
    • Some rings can't be anvil or enhanced
    • New weapon costumes did not show up visually on characters
    • Buffs were not apply correctly for Preloaded characters

  • Event Changes
    • Summer Crab Hunting
      • Changed maximum monsters needed from 7500 to 10000
    • Summer Token Shop
      • Added New Weapon Costumes
      • Added New Pets
        • [Karima - Degia] Max HP +10%, ATK +5%, PEN +3, DEF +10, IMM +10, All Stats +5, DMG from Melee -10%
        • [Karima - Okutoum] Max HP +10%, ATK +5%, PEN +3, DEF +10, IMM +10, All Stats +5, DMG from Shoot -10%
        • [Karima - Yuzan] Max HP +10%, ATK +5%, PEN +3, DEF +10, IMM +10, All Stats +5, DMG from Magic -10%
      • Added Vigilar Essence

  • All Random Clique Battle
    • Added new PVP Activity 'All Random Clique Battle' (ARCB) that starts on Friday (14:00) if Arcis is awake. Unfortunately this means it'll be hard for me to start the Clique Battle on SEA server, Unless I have someone to start it exactly on 14:00 for me.
      • You get a random character with fixed gears upon moving maps. The only way to change character is leaving the map and re-entering.
      • All characters from randoming have additional stats and their own character buffs.
      • Upon staying the full match (letting the game kick you off the map) you will get progress towards Extra Family Attribute Points.
        • Every 5 Fixed CB you participate you gain 5 Family Attribute Points (maxes out at 15)
      • To join the Clique Battle on Friday, you must press the sword icon at top of your UI. There will not be a special UI that pops up for entry like how it normally works.
      • Players who participated for the testing for the First Fixed Clique Battle may receive rewards through NPC 'Battlemaster' in Reboldouex.

  • Fixed Colosseum
    • Updated Regular colosseum mode to Fixed Mode.
      • You get progress towards Extra Family Attribute Points through kills.
        • 50 Kills - 5 Attribute Points
        • 250 Kills - 5 Attribute Points
        • 500 Kills - 5 Attribute Points
      • I will be updating rewards later.

  • Major Combat Changes
    • Removed "Evasion Skill" calculation from PC vs PC. Evading skills was very buggy, and possibly unused or half implemented. (This is different than Ignoring Skills i.e Hildegard)

  • Quality of Life Changes
    • Tary changed to Roulette system
      • 10% Chance to gain 2x Tary's Gift
      • 90% Chance to gain 1x Tary's Gift

  • Misc Changes
    • Removed Rudolph Roulette
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Mar 28, 2020
  • Pet Spirit RE: Coded
    • Pet Spirits will be renamed to "Card"
    • "Cards" can be dropped by the corrosponding monster at a low rate or be purchased through Cash Shop through [Old Card Album] Gacha.
    • All "Cards" will be reworked to give interesting effects.
      • Updated all card images
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Mar 28, 2020
  • Character Changes

Rob [Academic Sniping]
Maximum range is increasing for Quality of Life. Skill 5 used at maximum range (3500) would make the user move closer to the target during auto attack (even when there is no attack). This change would make Rob feel more easier to play.Maximum Range 1600Maximum Range 3200

[Snipe Wall]

Same as the previous change. Changing his range to be closer will help the player not need to move back for maximum range bonus.Maximum Range 2400Maximum Range 2600

Sierra Rose - [Heart of Sierra]

The script in mind was causing server lag. I have removed the script for now to test if it will reduce lag in SEA and Global.Ressurects characters upon hitNo longer ressurects
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