[NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 17.5.2022


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Mar 28, 2020
The maintenance will take place on 17.05.2022 at 14:00 GMT+1 (server time).
The duration of the maintenance will be between 30 - 60 minutes or more depending on if issues arise

  • Player Support
    • Added [Introduction] quest for each supporter NPCs.

  • EVENT: Sharon's Request
    • Sharon is looking for help...

  • Grand Master Stone (Event)
    • Updated

  • Map Changes
    • Ailis, Castle Nakira
      • Allowed Seagulls and other mobs to spawn.
      • Monsters drop materials for future Bloody Navy weapons, or you can sell them to NPC for a good amount of vis.

  • Monster Changes
    • Seagull
      • 70% Chance to Stun => 5% Chance to Stun.
    • Fire Chandler
      • Overall stat decreased for questors
    • Christina (World Boss)
      • Reduced stats and removed immunity to certain type of attacks in a cycle

  • System Changes
    • Changed PK Notice
      • No longer says what faction killed what family.
      • This change is mainly for PVP Maps that are anonymous, but since I could not remove PK Notice from these maps, this will have to do (for now). Let me know how you feel about this update.

  • Bulk Item Deleter
    • Added another Item Deleter to Reboldeux, this time you can drag any amount of items into the NPC and it will automatically delete it.
    • WARNING: Do not destroy stack of items you want to keep i.e Elemental Jewel x 12500. We will not rollback items unintentionally deleted.

  • Quality of Life (QoL)
    • Custom Scout character can be bought with 10 Rebirth Tokens to change Job skill.
    • Rank 7 Gates will now have similar function to Rank7+ Gates.
    • Tyrant's Order Weapon Enchant Scrolls added
    • Crescemento gear can now be traded and dropped.
    • The Magical Powered Rose are now tradeable.
    • Added old event shops to Event Trader
    • Added 5 Elemental weapon recipe shop to Cassandra at Ailis
    • Added old master guardian for quests

  • Character Balance
    • They will be listed here for now on.
    • Link

  • Removals
    • Enchant Scroll - Grade 33 from Shop
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