Possible Fix for Pure (and other) materials drop


Oct 29, 2021
Reading about the problem of "pure materials" (and similiars) over the course of time, I see that only some pet pick up speed improvement has been implemented because the drop table for those materials can't be changed as it seems, yet I think that this little increase still doesn't make up for how many materials get dropped sadly...

Looking at Ivy event, with those Exquisite Meat going directly to inventory, I have a few alternatives:

  1. Make "Pure Materials" (as well as Refined and Standard ones maybe?) go directly to inventory

  2. If 1 is not possible because of some sort of "item class type", convert existing "materials" into quest type so that they can work the same as Ivy's Exquisite Meat
    • Perhaps this also needs a NPC to trade the "Quest Material" back into "Real Material" after

  3. As an improved point 2, convert all "Pure/Refined/Standard Material" (Quartz, Etretanium, ecc) into an unique "Pure/Refined/Standard Material" for each of them, which would work as a global token currency to exchange for whichever Pure/Refined/Standard Material the player wants to convert it to according to the Pure/Refined/Standard quest material token the player is using

This could probably be achieved without messing with drop tables but by just creating new item "id"s for the old "materials" while assigning the existing ones to the quest version of them...

I hope this is taken into account, perhaps this is the solution to this problem :)
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