Waifu wars.... Waifu wars!!!!! Grandies, Veronif and Nena


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Mar 29, 2020
Grandies wins by a HUGE margin.
She`s one of the "old good design" chars, unrivaled in terms of style. Her GS stance is the only one (from "modern" era) female GS stance with a feeling of weight in her animations. Lynn or whoever never held a candle to it. Grandies and Scavenger is basically only two "modern" characters that have a good feeling of powerful, heavy GS strikes. Like... Simply compare Soul Guard animations to Royal Guard or Imperium Guardian.
Veronif... Welp, maybe i would`ve liked her, if her overall lore role was a bit more serious. Right now she`s "oh bring me the time piecezzz!", and even that is taken from her by Noah in Altria.
Nena... Actually the same. We had so much Nena&Sierra hype in Orden` storyline (with all that Vigilar tribe hype, Prophet stuff) and yet later have a Sierra with INT debuff (I cant guess any other reason for what she did in Altria side-quest), and nearly no info about Nena.
I mean...even tho Grandies was only shown in 1,5 storylines (Viron+ her recruitment & her side-roles in later questlines,where it was even possible to go without her doing anything), her overall story is at least okay (I cant tell the same about Veroniff), and it was solid.


Apr 9, 2020
Yeah I really like Grandies a lot :3 never knew she was that love struck. But I like tsundere, It's been a long time I stopped playing 3 or 4 yeas :/ gonna collect them all.