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    Isaac suggestion

    Devs are very well aware of all Isaac's Issues (lot of people tell them on discord) and should fix them before ever thinking to release new char like Sherry. For the sake of their server reputation. All the isaac 's bugs from the most important to the less important First Problem to solve...
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    Yes Fix Bruce please ! But The ring work i tested out on dummy and it damage rise , all character ring have visual effect bug that doe not show the stance level + But you are right for Bruce he is buggy as hell and need a fix .... there is also other problems with roulette , missions ect so devs...
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    About Summoners

    As a summoner lover i second this ! great post it's really frustrating when you have +7 or +8 weapon with good stat/enchant and that you still lack damage ..... we invest a lot of time and money for these weapons for minimal results.
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    [Resolved]Viki's Summons Bugs please fix it

    EDIT : Bug Fixed !!! Thanks it was kinda fast , My Viki summon work perfectly now ♥ I was a bit in Panic since Viki is my main anyway thanks for fixing the bug so fast , you guys rock !
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    There is also another solution for the font size problem wich is better and simpler to do (in my opinion) it's to lower the game resolution my resolution was at max and i put it to 1920 x 1080 and it's a BIG change the font size is actually now big enough to not hurt my eyes !
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    Character Tier List for upcoming Version 38.

    The only char i was looking for is not on the list .... I'm sorry , but where is Sirius .... ? :cautious: And why Lada have a cross 'X' on the support/buff/tank tiers since she can aslo be a tanker ?