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    COA recruitmen quest - Snakegirl Food

    Gourmet= Great in this quest. Iirc. Grab Great (1hr) version without Gourmet tag.Thing is GEEU barely had any sync between old and new translation. Its either that one or Panfilo-buffed Prorio food. But i bet on non-gourmet ones.
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    Yah, in many possible ways. You can buy any rare char with Andromida tokens, which is tradable ingame item (sourced from cash, but still). You can choose any of rare chars in "Summon Stones". Those are aquirable in-game, split to different "levels" according to the difficulty of aquiring it. The...
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    [DECLINED]Please All Option For Blue Armonium

    Not quest. Whole set of Armonium books needed, takes like 30-60 mins of manual farm in Latina with vanilla rates. But anyway- already implemented. Simple reminder- Raven-Gavin sub from Bristia unlocks same feature for colored ores (r/b/y/g), actually even more interesting as it allows to gamble...
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    What's the best non-rare char for BH and solo raid?

    Fix Nina ( Hector's rare version) to Nena, add Ania (good, tho not OP damage, OP defence, nice utility). Basically most of chars with stat conversions ( "... In proportion to (extra) INT/DEX/AGI/STR", rarely HP) is usually viable lategame. Those are usually hard to calculate, as there're...
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    [DECLINED]Improved some old content of game

    I know almost nothing about server-side GE features, but maybe it`s possible to move double roulette feature from "day of the week" basis to "Rotation-like" basis? I think it`s possible to abuse Lyndon buff system to get it working. It should be possible to assign a list of chars to that (like...
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    [CLOSED]Farm plants

    IIRC, berobero seed is a random seed. You can literally grow any kind of plant from it.
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    Best ET User for an MDPS Team

    Probably Amy if you're looking for DPS. ET+ Pen buff+ IMM/Res debuff is a whoopin combo. Ofc if you can get Rosa from your squad mates.
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    Aclla on Errac

    CSM earring is an extra-rare loot from SR weekly. Think of it as Montoro Ring v 2.0. Obtaining this is like 1 per year for the whole server. Maybe not even only one year. Basically its here to keep element missions viable to do afteryou get max stat bonus.
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    Вопросы и предложения к администрации

    Collection карты- не продать, персонажа из них нельзя упаковать в контракт. Event карты- продать нельзя, но персонажа упаковать можно. Нормал карты- можно продать прямо карту.
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    Could someone make char Tier list for PVE?

    Its kinda difficult for a lot of chars, actually. There're 2 main problems with it: 1) A lot of chars thats not counted as DPS is hard to measure. Utility like buffs and debuffs vary alot due to different squad sizes and player preferences. Punisher is good , but you hardly want it for 6-pman...
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    GE Database Toolkit

    Minor update: 1)Fixed a couple of parsing errors. 2).HTML is now semi-modular. Script will ask you for categories that you want\do not want to parse. You can answer "N" or "n" to skip this category (it`ll skip everything- side tabs, header link, content), or anything else (including simply...
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    GE Database Toolkit

    Hello everyone. I`m just re-posting my tools from GEEU forums (as it`s gonna shutdown soon, think). In short- that`s a couple of short scripts that `ll generate a "jupath-like" (currently maintained as database in one single .html file. This .html will be BIG (~7 mb with all...
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    Who are the top dps?

    @Dalonar MSB is based on 2 different buffs. His stance buff is pemanent, and it can be used for AFK\vesping\whatever. It provides him a spacebar ATK buff (tho not as OP as it was on GEEU release). His job skill is mainly for raids\missions, it`s a short (tho it`s possible to keep it 24\7)...
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    I doubt there`ll be direct version updates for AGE. Do not forget- it`s a private server. The more time will pass- the more difference there`ll be between IMC servers and AGE.
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    Just a few thoughts: 1) GE`s PVP is oneshot fiesta. That`s a fact. 2) Improving it is not as simple as -PVP damage. It needs a full balance overhaul. Not just chars, but whole system. I think the most "fair" approach was Team Arena (MOBA-like event, where event-specific buffs simply swapped all...