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    [Giveaway] New Character: Tom

    Family Name: Darth_Bane Family Level: 78 Discord: Bane#3794
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    [ACCEPTED]Up xpvp shop

    Agree with Cool78 nowaday no many ppl active in wxpvp, if Lama appear in shop then probably ppl will be more active for that. And please make real points for this book coz if put something like 150-200 k ppl still avoid it coz this incredible price. Idk how many ppl bought hm stone for 150, and...
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    [ACCEPTED]Ring Enhancement mechanic

    Yea i see it. Just i mean triple up for that. Ppl wasted sometimes really crazy amount of chips and prices at mm still cheap. They are waste it mostly when drop from 9 to 4 or lower and try and try more to up acc. I cant imagine how will drop price for chips if after this updt we get fast...
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    [ACCEPTED]Ring Enhancement mechanic

    I want suggest improve amount chips to guarantee up. Chips this is important part of economy and if ppl gonna easy up accs without seriosly spending to chips then market situation with chips price will be terryble. Also i support changes for enhancement accs. Just need really high up for costing...
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    [DECLINED]Rank Mission List Revamp

    Do not agree with 7 rank, for me easyest and fastest Dullahan.
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    [ACCEPTED]Ranked Missions

    Ah its declined( Actually need something to do with it. I have a lot ap karin but i can imagine this so sad wasting for 3 run ap to nothing if you farm it... Upd: Looks like again pending, just 1 min ago saw "Declined" xD
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    I guess delete ide ignoring block from all shoot too big changes to put it without other balance changes. This is work not only for kess, dont forget. All balance changes should come with 32 version. So just keep patience.
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    [DECLINED]change the world pvp to fixed or add fixed

    Yea agree with add fixed pvp. Let to ppl same gears for check their skill instead amount of ar\dr
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    Character Improvement

    yea its should be really interesting gameplay with him with new provoke
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    Interesting, so if we get this updt then kess will be dead for pvp and all ile users. And this official. Dont have anything agaist it but also add all other nerf for balance with this. It just little piece of big changes if take only this little piece then rebalance not so good
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    mcc ignore eva with skill and shoot chars ignor eva like default
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    I think we just should make test val metal armor +7 with 15 def chip against + 7 val ile with 140 atk hm and dian can see all his "owerpower". I just remember how good alive with 17 def metal chip against kesses with +7 vals at eu so... I played with romina(btw one more char which rape kess)...
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    Only real paper can by 1 shot. This very weak skill.
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    Too long actions in pvp. Need have really slowpoke opponent for win him like that lol. Opponent who good pvper kill you if you slower at least to 0,5 sec and for sure you get delay with re gear up. So her fly hit skill dont care