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    [PENDING]Lower Down the vis fee to 4s a weapon

    Suggestion has been changed to [PENDING]. I kindly ask players to give more input. Players may consider that the current price is one of the bigger factors that help keeping Vis inflation in check.
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    [FIXED]Magic Scroll of Cherlyn (lag?)

    Quest has been changed, required items changed from 5x Elemental Jewel to 1x Platinum Bar. Improvement will be part of maintenance on 26.01.2021.
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    [DECLINED]Magical Powered Roses

    Suggestion has been declined. According to official patchnotes, the item you have mentioned won't be needed any longer to continue the quest. We will implement this change within the next two maintenances. As a result we don't need to make the item tradeable in the first place. More information...
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    [GUIDE] Starting game client twice (Multiclient)

    I have checked the parameters the game offers and there aren't any to modify the width and height of the game window. This means for different game solution, you must change it with "...\release\geConfig.exe" before you start your second game client with "Loader.exe".
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 26.01.2021

    Changelog 26.01.2021 (Part 2 of 2)[/B] Stance/Skill Changes (Official Changes from V32.88.81) [Barbatos] - Moon Before After [Cancer] Buffs remains after death Buff does not remain after death [Drawing] - Elizabeth Before After [Is it quite easy?] - Removed when character is...
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    GE Installation Error

    Hi, you can find the solution for exactly this error here: Please check point 6, it shows how to fix it. Of course we can also help you trough Discord or even remote support by using AnyDesk. If you need further...
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    [DECLINED]Possible Lag Fix

    Lag is subjective and not every player is affected by it. We are a private server and reaching out to a company like you suggested would cause us legal troubles. It mostly depends on distance between player and our datacenter in Europe. The bigger the distance, the more likely a player faces...
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    [ACCEPTED]The restoration mission is on the bridge of Coimbra

    Incorrect, the changes are documented.
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 26.01.2021

    The maintenance will take place on 26.01.2021 at 18:00 GMT+0 (server time). The duration of the maintenance will be between 15 - 30 minutes. Changelog 26.01.2021 (Part 1 of 2) General Changes Weekly Resets Character Rotation has been reset. To be documented. To be documented...
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    [NOTICE] Server Features & Customizations

    58. Faction Mission Changes Official All roulette rewards replaced with items "Faction Mission Point Cards". Customized Roulette rewards "Enchantment Chip Veteran/Expert/Master" replaced with items "Faction Mission Point Cards". Roulette rewards "Valkyrie Crashers" replaced with items...
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    [ACCEPTED]The restoration mission is on the bridge of Coimbra

    We will not adjust monsters inside of missions to create custom missions by increasing/decreasing difficulty. The missions you have mentioned have a specific use-case in the game and that is perfectly fine. They can be spammed with family reputation and have a very low difficulty, they are only...
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    [ACCEPTED]The restoration mission is on the bridge of Coimbra

    Suggestion has been accepted, the improvements will be minor though. Improvements can be found on patchnotes for 19.01.2021. Those missions can already reward items like these: Extra Rewards Coupon Moon Stone Shiny Crystal Valeron's Blessing
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 19.01.2021

    Changelog 19.01.2021 (Part 3 of 3) New Items (Official changes from V32.88.81) Consumble item "Enhanced Total Status Ampule" All status points (STR/AGI/HP/INT/DEX/CHA) +6 for 45 minutes. Customized: Item is tradable. Feso Shop Changes Added item "Status Ampule - STR", price is 50.000...
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    [ACCEPTED]The restoration mission is on the bridge of Coimbra

    Please specify which missions you are talking about. There are over 20 missions that can be started by talking to various NPCs on that map.
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    Check point 6 on this guide please: