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    Got a question about the game? ask here

    Yes, for cash only. Write to Zax or Arcanine(Arcis) and say you wanna buy account and equip for real money 🤭
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    Обсуждения [вопрос - ответ]

    Новичок в этой игре? Забудь про пвп)) К моменту, когда ты сможешь сделать хоть что-то на кликбатле - сервер уже закроется))
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 11.01.2022

    Как видишь, плять, я и не решаю, ибо планку по лвл семьи не ввели... И действуя по твоей аналогии - не тебе мне указывать, что решать, а что нет🖕
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 11.01.2022

    Get back "Requirement of Family Level" for Mino and Cath! DPSers with 55 fam lvl dont deserve loot from these raids and must suffer!!!:mad:
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    Обсуждения [вопрос - ответ]

    Ну, как бы да. Заменить Ancient Tactics нечем, и игнорить её глупо - слишком хороши бонусы на 13лвл.
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    Rank reward upgrade.

    If this crazy and tashy idea would be accepted, then all 5e acc recipes))
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    Raid Suggestion - Maze Eris (goddess of strife and discord)

    How players with 20 alts will run this raid!?!?! Such unfairness for them... 😁
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    Granado Espada Andromida Compiled RE:PvE Changes

    Well, this topic is forbiden. You dont mark new changes here
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    [UNDER INVESTIGATION] Chungha's Skill damage to Heavy type armor

    such a basic english, cant read it, its awfull...:cry::eek:😭 p.s. How do you kill flying mobs?:)
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    [GIVEAWAY] Ivy Card

    You don't know, it's not true! You don't even know what discord user names are in the game. Otherwise, you would not have conducted this "giveaway"... Nice try! :LOL:
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    New Andromida Box discussion

    Are you serious?!?!?! nuh, i'll just hate you)) :LOL:
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    New Andromida Box discussion

    Dont agree. 1000 boosters it s like 100GS(250m+). Quite a nice little thing. Its always needed for yourself or could be sold. Holy water can be obtained easilly and much with dailies 40+ pcs. Also 10 coupons that usually drops cost 2.5m+ and can be used on "expensive roulettes 4-5m. Coupons...
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    Character Tier List for upcoming Version 38.

    "All ET user considered as S tier"
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    Premium journal discussion

    Do you understand that more closely lvl 90 than less EXP booster needs? Especially fo 15-30 days. On these lvls you levelup 1-2 new chars to HM in month.
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    World Boss Revision - Discussions and Planning

    PvP is the only movement force in this game! Stop it and game will degenerate faster than it is