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    [Community Vote] Raid/World Boss Time

    Well, no one is saying to make both bosses at 06:00 for European players. EU+European part of Russia would account for roughly 1/3 of the players. However, currently the 2/3 are missing out on WB, which is a far greater number. In my opinion, the best approach is to provide consistentency. Such...
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    [Community Vote] Raid/World Boss Time

    I indicated local times for those regions
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    [Community Vote] Raid/World Boss Time

    I don't think that keeping it as it is now is even an option. In the Americas they resp either at 15:00/16:00 or 12:00/13:00 - times when everyone is at work during ordinate times. In SEA and certain parts of Russia it would be around 03:00/04:00, if I am correct - when everyone is asleep (&...
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    [Голосование/Обсуждение] Время респа Мировых Боссов

    Всем привет! C момента открытия сервера прошло уже почти 40 дней и мы считаем, что настало время затронуть горячо обсуждаемую тему Мировых Боссов. Поскольку на сервере обитают игроки со всех уголков планеты, нынешнее время респа Мировых Боссов делает невозможным принятие участие в этих рейдах...
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    S>+8 Elite Bristia Cube 140 Light Armour 2s 6 6

    Leave offers here, in pm, in discord (iatemykeyboard) or in game (intimateinmate)
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    [ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЕ] Рост количества игроков и затрат на содержание сервера

    Привет всем! Думается, вы уже заметили исходя из Дискорда и играя на самом сервере, что база игроков продолжает стремительно расти. Это означает, что в скором времени нам потребуется приобрести третий сервер. Особенно в свете предстоящего добавления WorldXPVP. Безусловно, стоимость содержания...
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    Feedback on cash shop items and prices

    The point of the whole server is that you can get everything & anything by playing, everything is available to you in-game.
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    Набор в гильдию

    Название: DeusVult Куда ходим: Везде, куда падет взгляд его Святотейшества Папы Людио II. (КВ, Клик, ПВЕ, ПВП, И ИМПЕРИЯ НЕВЕРНЫХ АБИССА) Существовала ли гильдия на других серверах: Это новый орден с уже повидавшими походы крестоносцами Языки: Английский - основной. Будет отдельный русскоязычный...
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    Clan(Faction) Introduction

    Clan (Faction) name: DeusVult Content: Everywhere where Pope Ludio II calls a Crusade (CW, CB, PVE, PVP & UNHOLY ABYSS EMPIRE) Is the clan new or did it exist on another server previously: It's a new knighthood that's filled with experienced crusaders from across the servers Languages: English...
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    [DECLINED]Make Achievement Character (Collection )

    I agree, we will definitely see people creating accounts to just transfer acquired chars. It's been like that since the ancient times, but the reward system will make multiple game-changing chars easily acquirable. We will soon see families with three Cannas, etc. Impact on the market: most...
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    [DECLINED]Make Achievement Character (Collection )

    Add a poll, so that people can vote.
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    Charlotte along with other OP was specifically mentioned in Discord as an integral part of the reasoning behind the idea, as far as I remember. To reduce all damage and leave them with their current ability will deal a much greater damage to PvP than provide a positive output. Fun is relative...
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    @Penelope If even -50% Charlotte still 1-shots you, because she will still deal almost 200k damage (the calculation based on numbers you provide in Discord), but others will now barely scratch, how does that provide the balance to PvP?
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    Thus far you have not stated a reason or provided a single point as to why your approach is more sound in comparison with ours.
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    When the US spend trillions of dollars on it's military, is it with the intention to build the army that will deal less damage? Is it with the intention to give a chance to it's enemies? Or is their goal to maximize the effectiveness of the forces? Same can be said about our PvP. First of all...