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    [DECLINED]Reduce cooldown time for surrender for faction war

    Regardless whether you agree, or not. The foundation feature of the game itself is what makes the game toxic and frustrate players - and I meant this in almost all aspect of the game mechanics. I've put myself on hiatus, since I only played this game cause I want to enjoy the content. But to...
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    Ania too op in wcPVP ?

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    [ACCEPTED]Restore spawn rate back to normal on rhasphody of dead man

    You'll only be doing that mission specifically for this quest, or to farm some bones. Others can complete them just fine, why cant you?
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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    Just lock the buff like them Black Magic Stones that only works in Ice Wizard Tower.
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    [DECLINED]QOL change for equipment expansion

    Description Currently, to expand your equipment slot for your character, it can only be done via barracks, and consumes 1 Growth stone. I am suggesting a quality of life changes that wont impact the game much Such suggestion is to have the required fee changed from Growth Stone to Feso. This...
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    [DECLINED]Persist rank mission choice

    Unfortunately no, This was suggested before. But due to some lousy index applied to the listing - it is not possible to change the order. You can read them here: Rank Mission Revamp ***I accidentally clicked Create and started Jurgen too sometimes. Effin hate Jurgen and his aoe. So, I remind...
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    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    Yes, because its bugged. If you read my original suggestion, I suggested if it is possible to have the Mass Healing to only heal own family, instead of healing all. I am an Elisa main, been playing Elisa since sge, and that Mass Healing has helped a lot no doubt. But somehow, over here, it's...
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    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    Actually, my initial suggestion is to have Elisa's Mass Healing not heal other team members. Because, here, in this server, her Mass Healing personal skill is bugged. Your character either gets healed or not. Because her heal somehow is applied to other players too, but when she heal, the other...
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    How change font ?

    I'll give it a try, normally if it doesn't work, it will only show the normal AGE font. I was also wondering, does Resistance Caisse have a Japanese v/o? I downloaded the latest se.ipf from both JGE and SteamGE, my my Rkess stays mute.
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    How change font ?

    Hm i downloaded the font, and renamed it to font.ipf and placed in GE folder, doesnt seem to work.. tested on beta and final client. Even have other font pack too, just realized this is the only client that I cant change font. Odd..
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    How change font ?

    How's the font on steam look like? Care to share a screenshot, I might make good use of it too. *upload the font file here too =)
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    How change font ?

    Here you go: Change GE Font
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    Upgrade acc is still bad

    A wild ME appeared out of nowhere. I wasted close to 5000 Expert chips on Upgrading my Maestro ring. Now, it's only at +8 and +7, made to +9 once, and dropped to +1 (last week) Flies away~
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    [ACCEPTED]Ring Enhancement mechanic

    Well, from the way I see it. The amount of chip and the RNG factor still remains the same; You could be spending 100 chips to +8, or 500 to +8. But, this time, at least there's a checkpoint, regardless how much chips you've spent, once you reached +8, you can take it easy afterwards and is...
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    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    I think Cadet Elisa is still on Mass Cure - if it wasn't changed that is. I don't own her, so I wouldn't know. FYI, if we exclude the fact that Mass Healing is bugged, the output for Mass Healing isn't that big. But, as I said, if Elisa main thinks that Mass Healing is more important than...