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    [ACCEPTED]Reduce Faction withdraw/disband penalty

    I find it fair, people who leave factions usually have to wait 7 days for it and they miss out on activities/TDLS buff amongst other stuff. I dont see the harm in reducing it to 5 days.
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    Achivement "im read everything related information" of Kielce error ?

    Same here tbh, everything on my list is already past 10k and I'm at 0/5
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    [DECLINED]Improvements on chipping stats into Armonia/Valeron/Abyss Arma accessories

    Narrow down the chance to get stats on higher tier accessories. Currently stat range is +3 to +5. I want to suggest to keep it at + (4~5) per stat instead of + (3~5) [As opposed to Strata Devil accessories which currently have a + (3~4 Stat) chipping chance] Idea is good because it narrows down...
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    [ACCEPTED]Increase reward for finishing Prurio dailies

    As opposed to Illisia dailies which can give you 3-7 quests a day, which gives 4x Coupons each (With the exception of some that give 10x) and Bedel dailies which are repeatable. Prurio dailies are VERY limited because 1) You can only receive 2 missions a day for each side...
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    [ACCEPTED]Remove Extra Channels From Colony Maps

    I'm against this, channel 2 should remain open as an option for surprise attacks. Also, since time immemorial, colonies have had channel 2 since way back around when CW was first introduced into the game. Players should have the freedom to choose how and when they want to attack a colony and...
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    [ACCEPTED]Forbid killing own secondary account on Clique Battle

    I'm fine with this, moving forward it shouldn't be allowed in Clique Battle since it ruins the fun out of it. Problem would be, do we need to take a screenshot of the perpetrator actually doing the deed of killing Account B? Can we do a screenshot of either their score on the board at the end...
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    [ACCEPTED]Add the rest of the rare stances to the Crystallized Nucleus shop

    I'd definitely agree to this, doing so will bring us closer to being a private rather than an official server since we would have to deal with less RNG to get stances that usually need RNG in official servers.
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    [DECLINED]Enhanced Tactics on Ornella

    Just reinforces the fact that you don't know how to use her. Re-read the comments in this thread. People who actually know what shes used for are against the nerf. That being said, ET pots are readily available via feso shop, so I don't know why this is even being suggested, feso is very easy to...
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    [ACCEPTED]Reduce crafting materials for Abyss Arma accessories

    The amount of black ores needed to craft these items are too much. I calculated the rough estimate of days needed to craft one if one were to raid BB Hard + Distorted Armonia I got an average of 250-270 BAO (Black Armonium Ores) per day, and the recipe needs 30,000 pieces of it You would need...
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    [ACCEPTED]Remove Divine Weapon/Accessory Recipe boxes from Andromida Boxes

    I don't mind having Divine accessories as part of the Andro boxes, its a good source of achievement points as well as dazzling crystals for making end-game accessories. I'd rather keep the divine accessory boxes there and replace the weapons instead. The accessories are still beneficial but the...
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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    Limit it to15-20 pcs per family like how you limited the number of Karins one can have, that way we don't have the means to stockpile it, any detected excess can be converted to Big ASO boxes or something.
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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    I'm inclined to agree with this, since I mostly do the tanking in almost all of my daily raids with my team, I sometimes get these ampules and I have no use for them, making them tradeable would at least make raiding more profitable for those who don't need it or they can give it to their...
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    [ACCEPTED]Family level rewards revamp

    Enhancement Boosters and Grade-36 blessings seem to be underwhelming at that family level, most if not all, are already equipped with Valerons and not Armonia/E.Bristia. Maybe kick them up a grade. Grade 36>Grade 37 on F80 Grade 37>Grade 38 on F85 The Imperviums/Lacquers on F80 can also be...
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    [ACCEPTED]Family level rewards revamp

    Family level 80 and 85 rewards are very underwhelming for time and effort needed to achieve them, some families just level to F77 just to reach the cap for activity points. Just wanted to suggest to improve the rewards since most, if not all, of the rewards are already easy to get at that stage...