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    [DISCUSSION] Skip Quests?

    1. What do you think about an option to skip quests? Should this be available? Scenario shouldn`t be skipable, but the Recruit quest for the first 3 cities could be skipped, as those mostly refer to non exsisting mechanics. like you have to explore Al quelt and Porto Bello as back then you...
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    [Giveaway] 1.000 Andromida Tokens | This giveaway will close: Jan 3, 2021 at 8:00 PM PST

    Family Name: vonDrach Discord Name: HackShield#7082 Wishes for Next Year/Resolutions: working fully again after car crash in december 2019
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    Seems to be GPU Driver update for me , as i just yesterday happen to install the newest Nvidia Driver. since then after the client runs for 1 hour the Chopping start. but for me yet only the Camera if i move it, anything else still fluent.
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    [DECLINED]Reduce cooldown time for surrender for faction war

    i would to note that Ancient Blessing is obtained by MCC, while La Tierra is a Family wide buff.
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    [DECLINED]Reduce cooldown time for surrender for faction war

    as this Topic coming up again i gonna throw my 2 cents into the Bucket aswell. im a PvE player , but i also had to fight back then as K2 and Gamersfirst still had Publishing rights. I will welcome a change , but i dont mind if not. if you`re in a faction you have positiv and Negativ things...
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    [ACCEPTED]Remove Extra Channels From Colony Maps

    Though so, but more then throwing idea`s into the room i cant do. but it should be Adressed as i said in my Opinion its a Abuse of a Mechanic that never got fixed.
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    [ACCEPTED]Remove Extra Channels From Colony Maps

    my suggestion would be, if possible: a. While colony war you cant change channel. b. if you switch from ch2 to 1 gain a Debuff, like re-entering a Instanced Mission c. introduce the 70m range on all channels. d. if all fails goodbye 2nd channel. cause for me , like using war do harrass Faction...
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    [ACCEPTED]Forbid killing own secondary account on Clique Battle

    even without ever being in a CB, its a PvP where you get rewarded for your Progress and your Strength inside PvP. Killing an alt repetitiv is skipping the actual objectiv and destroys the nature of the mode.
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    Drop rates really only x2?

    About drop rates i was on 2nd Floor of Skeleton dungeon (Lv 109) with my lv 80 team to push them 100 (NaJib Shariff, Idge Imbrullia and Irawain) in that 1h~ i gained 4 Magical Spherse, with a pigling. seems Fine for me as im 29 Level lower and sub optimal team... About the First floor even...
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    Drop rates really only x2?

    Frunzila, your attitude leaks any behavior, your critic is mere shouting and your reasoning is just noise. How about you test it and compare it with some colleceted Knowledge instead of raging, while you get the matter explained moderate. How ever have a good ride where ever you go, Toxicity...
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    Shelter Resistance worth farming ?

    also possible option would be the Racial Achivements. as those get you some nice drops on high ranks