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    Got a question about the game? ask here

    Yes, for cash only. Write to Zax or Arcanine(Arcis) and say you wanna buy account and equip for real money 🤭
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    Обсуждения [вопрос - ответ]

    Новичок в этой игре? Забудь про пвп)) К моменту, когда ты сможешь сделать хоть что-то на кликбатле - сервер уже закроется))
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 11.01.2022

    Как видишь, плять, я и не решаю, ибо планку по лвл семьи не ввели... И действуя по твоей аналогии - не тебе мне указывать, что решать, а что нет🖕
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    [NOTICE] Changelog / Patch Notes 11.01.2022

    Get back "Requirement of Family Level" for Mino and Cath! DPSers with 55 fam lvl dont deserve loot from these raids and must suffer!!!:mad:
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    Обсуждения [вопрос - ответ]

    Ну, как бы да. Заменить Ancient Tactics нечем, и игнорить её глупо - слишком хороши бонусы на 13лвл.
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    Rank reward upgrade.

    If this crazy and tashy idea would be accepted, then all 5e acc recipes))
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    Raid Suggestion - Maze Eris (goddess of strife and discord)

    How players with 20 alts will run this raid!?!?! Such unfairness for them... 😁
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    Granado Espada Andromida Compiled RE:PvE Changes

    Well, this topic is forbiden. You dont mark new changes here
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    [UNDER INVESTIGATION] Chungha's Skill damage to Heavy type armor

    such a basic english, cant read it, its awfull...:cry::eek:😭 p.s. How do you kill flying mobs?:)
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    [GIVEAWAY] Ivy Card

    You don't know, it's not true! You don't even know what discord user names are in the game. Otherwise, you would not have conducted this "giveaway"... Nice try! :LOL:
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    New Andromida Box discussion

    Are you serious?!?!?! nuh, i'll just hate you)) :LOL:
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    New Andromida Box discussion

    Dont agree. 1000 boosters it s like 100GS(250m+). Quite a nice little thing. Its always needed for yourself or could be sold. Holy water can be obtained easilly and much with dailies 40+ pcs. Also 10 coupons that usually drops cost 2.5m+ and can be used on "expensive roulettes 4-5m. Coupons...
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    Character Tier List for upcoming Version 38.

    "All ET user considered as S tier"
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    Premium journal discussion

    Do you understand that more closely lvl 90 than less EXP booster needs? Especially fo 15-30 days. On these lvls you levelup 1-2 new chars to HM in month.
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    World Boss Revision - Discussions and Planning

    PvP is the only movement force in this game! Stop it and game will degenerate faster than it is
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    [Notice] RE:PvE season introduction

    No, no, no! Dont listen him! 1st concentrate on Rank+ ind.missions, or release info about new pets(Behemoth, Ziz, etc.)😁
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    [Quest Wrap] Quest wrap is unavailable after the update

    yeap, all the server suffers such problem... I have Premium, but need to run by meself:cry:
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    Вот что вылазит при заходе что делать

    донатить и радоваться 😄
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    Friede and Rio - escape from Auch bug

    Try more, it would be better if all chars will near gates at time. Its not buged, had same problems a few weeks ago, but done
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    Got a question about the game? ask here

    Hello WikiBoi! Have any plans about reworking(improving) Alchemy Roulette in Viron (Veroni Weekly Montoro can be done twice? For second run you need to go again from basement or gardens?:oops: