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    So my account is blocked?

    For what? Ive played for like 2 weeks. I haven't done anything. I dont talk to anyone. So I know it wasn't for being offensive.
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    Torche's Sedative quest bug.

    Not sure what the issue is, but Google says the Sedative part of this quest is in F6 of Viron, but there's nothing here, or any triggers. Surely I don't have to buy 20 of those ridiculously priced sedatives from Jenia, right..? Because nah, no thanks. As a new player I can't afford, nor am I...
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    Catherine. Worth investment?

    I've leveled 2 to GM10 (summoners). The damage output they do is great (with my limited gear. Just hit fam 50) Before I open my boxes for 5 elements, from a PVE outlook, are they worth it? I have Chungha and also Lysette. They're good, but I'm able to do so much more with my Catherines. But...
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    Edit: I'm dumb.
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    A few questions about the game as a whole.

    Wanna start off by saying I ain't played this since way back before it went to Sword of the New World, and played that version just a little. So my experience is quite limited. My questions being, why on earth is EVERYTHING temporary? Costumes, weapons, items, back items required for questing...