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    [DECLINED]Quest Readjustment: Number of items Require.

    While I am about to take Natalie Recruitement Quest, I notice the quest requirements is kinda too high in contrast to the drop rate of the item. Is there any plan for adjust for her quest requirements(numbers) in the future?
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    [CLOSED]Musketeer Animation Skill

    I've been playing the game for like a 4 to 5 days, and I am still using the basic characters: upon playing, I notice some interruption in musketeer skills. Was this bug was address before?
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    Feso: How can I earn it?

    As the title suggest; Since I am a new player, I am asking if is there any means of acquiring Feso.
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    Post Download Question

    Thank you for the fast response. I really Appreciate it.
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    Post Download Question

    I downloaded the Rar file of the game, Extracted and lunch the game, but it seems it takes time to Patch? Is this normal? =15&hash=40d66f9687789cfedbdaa004ac98ffbf']