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    Ania too op in wcPVP ?

    anyone thing that Ania is too OP in WCPVP ? i would like to say she blocked everything, unless i use ignore block/magic char or she is just unstopable , i use chungha and R.caisse with veleron weap +7 with pene full access +10 with and santo armour too, and ania just solo-ed my team , cant even...
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    [DECLINED]About Miho, Miha transformation

    i use Miho for a while and i feel like she is impossible to transform for daily/short mission .got 1 fox bead for skill weak monster,random fox bead is 1-3 (if enemy have debuff) and fox bead duration is pretty short . in every daily mission like Bounty hunter, rank mission, Clock tower, Clock...