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    Achivement "im read everything related information" of Kielce error ?

    Hi @Dianmir I want to ask about Achivement error (maybe ?) like you see in photos, my rate of 5 kielce achivement all over 10k, but the achivement "im read everything related information" only show 4/5 , smth wrong here? pls check Thanks
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    COA recruitmen quest - Snakegirl Food

    hi all, any1 already pass this quest to recuitment COA ? they ask : Collect Great Illier goumet Style Wild Boar Steak x1, Great Illier goumet Style Wolf Steak x1, and Great Illier goumet Style Comodo Steak x1. >> But i cant find comodo steak and Wolf steak anywhere. include in farm or buy from...
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    Alchemy table of Andromeda Server

    Dear @Dianmir for alchemy table , im only find out this link but i think our server this alchemy already change. Have any source around here i miss ? 1 more thing i want to ask that : SOUL WATER <<< where i can get it ...
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    [DECLINED]Orge and Ww costume seri have unique colour

    HI @Dianmir Can we make orge and ww costume colour like this ?
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    Orge and W.wolf costume

    HI Here the screenshot of wwolf and orge sword costume in RGE, that also have red light and green light in other sv. But im already buy this in our sv, that same like normal, urgly sword , dont have any light (only 7+ 8+ light same w normal sword). Can you change it back to colourful light like...
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    Buy BLACK/GOLD Insign pm drop your id here. tks

    all in topic
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    [DECLINED]Improved Keep Mode notification

    Hi I hear that we have double keep mode here. But now not sure anout this and how this work ? Default Keep Mode remains and is activated by pressing SPACEBAR or clicking the Keep Mode button. Improved Keep Mode is activated by first pressing SPACEBAR and then pressing CTRL & E. Then, i...
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    Weapon custome of ChungHa, where can get?

    Hi Anyone know Where can get the sword costume of Chungha? Someone tell me that can buy from A.token shop. But they dont know which summon stone have that. Chungha artifact also.... Thanks all
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    Guide with photo about Costume Stone in A.Token shop

    Dear @Dianmir now we dont know whats inside costume stone selling in A.token shop Can you made one topic same like (Guide) Lyndon Medals ... (with photo) about this. thanks
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    change hotkey

    i just change my laptop and the new one dont have separate number key. that why dont have + and - . now i can t use funtion increase range of keep mode. i try to modify hotkey, but everytime it will jump back defaut. Please help, any solution for this case? thanks
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    JD afk in SCR status

    Anyone can share the status/weapon/attribute use for JD afk in SCR . tks