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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    Currently there's no way to trade these ampules, and considering the rarity of these ampules, sometimes we would like to trade it to our raid party members who can better use the ampules, so I'm suggesting to make them become able to be traded. It would certainly give the people who don't use...
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    [ACCEPTED]Change the reward for reaching 10k/20k achievement points

    Currently the reward for reaching 10k achievement points is kind of underwhelming, which is just 2 veteran character summon stones, and I don't know about 20k, but if it's 2 expert character summon stones, then that's kind of sad because the amount of effort or work needed to reach 10k or even...
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    [DECLINED]Re-enter farm if disconnected

    I noticed the farm is sort of like a mission instance, but the only difference is that if you disconnect by any unfortunate incident you can't re-enter the instance you were at. Since the limit is only 5 times a day, can a re-enter function be implemented like normal missions?
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    Is there Lucifer Castle (Normal) Missions?

    I've been trying to find options to select during the missions for lucifer castle, but there isn't. Are the missions not in lucifer castle entrance? Because from the bosses I fought while in the missions, they seem to be hard versions.
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    [DECLINED]Selling Rare books of (Combat/Shooting/Magic) in feso shop

    Just a suggestion I thought about but, is it possible to put the rare books in the feso shop to buy? Or if that's not possible, reduce the amount needed to exchange them in Albertal?