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    [ACCEPTED]Add AB cores to rank 4,5 and lucifer roulettes

    We can obtain SD materials from rank 4/5 and lucifer roulettes except the AB cores which you can get only a few per CT run. It'd be better to add this material to those roulettes as well so players can craft those pendants and controllers. It's nothing game breaking and doesn't affect the...
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    [DECLINED]Add CT CTB key to feso shop

    Most of us carry feso instead of moon stones. It’s annoying to buy moon stones then buy from jenia every time. since it doesn’t do any harm, can we have the keys in feso shop? in that case even if we forgot to buy from her we could still buy from the feso shop.
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    [ACCEPTED]Can Rabbit King drop sth better than 92 chips? (except liver)

    Considering its rare appearance rate, dropping 92 chips is a total joke, it should be something better. For example: Growth stones x 5 / Platinum bars x 15 / Farm tokens x 100
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    [DECLINED]Double token donation event

    I think some of us have already mentioned this. The community is still growing and the server capacity hasn’t increased enough to catch up with the growth rate. with this event, it will definitely increase the donation amount and attract more donors. I’d suggest we have this event after the...
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    [ACCEPTED]Add Leonardo Expresso to Farm

    It would be much more convenient if we can access the vault in the farm. There are many farm items. As we can only enter the farm 5 times per day, if we forget something, we need to go out and take it from the vault. It costs one entry time already. If it's technically possible and easy to...
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    [ACCEPTED]Regarding Karin's potion, some suggestions

    I know a lot of people are upset that they can't farm it unlimitedly anymore. But actually it is a good thing to keep the balance. However, I suggest that we add the item back to some daily missions that you can only enter once or a day / the ones that require time and teamwork. That way...
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    [DECLINED]Combine Potions

    I hope we can exchange consumables like mystic ampule, Principle ampule, hermes potion and potion of steroid into the longer version e.g. mystic ampule x 5 > mystic ampule 1 hour List of items: mystic ampule principle ampule potion of steroid sedative soul water triumph filler this is just a...
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    [ACCEPTED]Increase farm efficiency

    Description The farm is a good feature in GE. I like playing in the farm, however, the reward is not worth the amount of time and effort put in it. I'd suggest we increase the Exp gain and improve certain features. 1. Increase the Exp gain from doing the farming activities to x5 (or at least x...