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  1. WatchMan

    [ACCEPTED]Expand Faction Inventory

    Can you reduce the materials needed to upgrade the Faction warehouse
  2. WatchMan

    [ACCEPTED]about food

    1. I hope to lower the price of diary in feso store, or take food repic on the feso store. Reason: Obtaining diary through hooking up is too cumbersome, and it will only cause more people to fall into AFK hooking up equipment, affect the activity of the game, and increase the opening of trumpet...
  3. WatchMan

    [ACCEPTED]Can you reduce the amount of craft materials?

    [old black rose] need 30000 silk ; It takes a lot of time to fight monsters to get props, so a large number of trumpets in the Castlevania area are hanging up. I don’t want to indulge in hanging up all the time. I hope to reduce the number of needs, so that it can not only reduce a large number...
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    Unable to register account

  5. WatchMan

    [CLOSED]Do you allow me to make my own Chinese Dictionary

    Do you allow me to make my own Chinese Dictionary,I make Chinese dictionary in sea server. Is it allowed here?
  6. WatchMan

    [ACCEPTED]Can you provide other download methods

    cant open mega,Can you provide other download methods? TY