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  1. Valerhia

    [DECLINED]Improvements on chipping stats into Armonia/Valeron/Abyss Arma accessories

    Narrow down the chance to get stats on higher tier accessories. Currently stat range is +3 to +5. I want to suggest to keep it at + (4~5) per stat instead of + (3~5) [As opposed to Strata Devil accessories which currently have a + (3~4 Stat) chipping chance] Idea is good because it narrows down...
  2. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Increase reward for finishing Prurio dailies

    As opposed to Illisia dailies which can give you 3-7 quests a day, which gives 4x Coupons each (With the exception of some that give 10x) and Bedel dailies which are repeatable. Prurio dailies are VERY limited because 1) You can only receive 2 missions a day for each side...
  3. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Reduce crafting materials for Abyss Arma accessories

    The amount of black ores needed to craft these items are too much. I calculated the rough estimate of days needed to craft one if one were to raid BB Hard + Distorted Armonia I got an average of 250-270 BAO (Black Armonium Ores) per day, and the recipe needs 30,000 pieces of it You would need...
  4. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Family level rewards revamp

    Family level 80 and 85 rewards are very underwhelming for time and effort needed to achieve them, some families just level to F77 just to reach the cap for activity points. Just wanted to suggest to improve the rewards since most, if not all, of the rewards are already easy to get at that stage...
  5. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Colony War Maps

    Last CW, noticed that some (or maybe all) CW maps have a channel 2 on them, not sure if this is intentional or what, but in an effort to combat lag during CW, I'd like to propose to remove channel 2 from these maps entirely Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic...
  6. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Ranked Missions

    People are annoyed whenever we try to go for ranked missions and we end up using AP and not getting ported to our missions because of server capacity. I'd like to suggest that in order to get into a mission, a mission lobby has to be created even when its the weekdays, it will have two missions...
  7. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Update Castilla Daily

  8. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Tigress Raid additional roulette item suggestion

    Since Bloody Navy had an update that the roulette now gives Diplomatic Delegation Certificate - Kielce, I was hoping Tigress Prison raid can get that as a roulette reward as well Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve? It will entice people to...
  9. Valerhia

    [DECLINED]Bryan/Brianne's Personal Skill retainment

    Seeing that most buffs are retained even when you change stances and also Bern retaining her hound buff. This is to help melee users keep Bryan/Brianne's buff even if they change stances. Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve? Keeps the buffing...
  10. Valerhia

    [DECLINED]Shield socket

    Since utility weapons are getting some love, why not give shield some sockets or inherent glow when upgraded? If sockets are allowed, please do categorized it as "others" so only SP can be placed into it so as not to ruin balancing. Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which...
  11. Valerhia

    [DECLINED]Weapon preview in dress mode

    Description: Make weapon preview available for the dress room when viewing costumes for a character Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve? It improves perceived cosmetics on a character (Which weapon fits which outfit on a character) How urgent...
  12. Valerhia

    [DECLINED]Additional backpack inventory slots

    Suggesting this because carrying multiple quest items are a big hassle in regards to storage space for your backpack. Was just wondering if we can have a timed item (RGE has a timed item that increases inventory space to 400) or permanent addition to inventory space. Why is the idea good, which...
  13. Valerhia

    [DECLINED]QOL: Bulk trading for Armonium Ores

    Its annoying to have to go through a heck-ton of dialogue just to trade Red Armoniums to Blue ones. I'd like to request a QOL for trading them, I recommend maybe adding it to Baruch's shop and just putting in the cost for Blue Armonium (1x Red and 10,000 Feso) to improve crafting life for us all :D
  14. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Castilla questline rewards

    Noticing that all the questlines have great rewards, I reviewed the server customization and noticed that we didn't have any special rewards for completing Castilla questline. I know its just a sidequest, but I thought it'd be nice to have some rewards for completing it aside from getting...
  15. Valerhia

    [ACCEPTED]Lift Cursed Pattern rewards/points

    Improve Lift Cursed Pattern rewards, the rewards dont match the difficulty of the raid, also if possible, increase the amount of points given per day I suggest starting with constellation 33AR weapons gradually improving to include 34AR weapons and maybe Karin's potion (High point requirement to...