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    [DECLINED]Change Colony War time

    Can we bring forward the colony war time by 2 hours? I believe this timezone suits everyone. at the moment for us in oceania timezone, that is like 1.AM for the war to start
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    [DECLINED]Minimum requirement to start raid

    Hi Will it be possible to reduce the number of minimum requirement to start the mission for Holy water chamber? This is to obtain landkey of dead . reducing the minimum number to 1 does not disrupt the game.
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    [DECLINED]ADD principal Liquour 10 hour to feso shop

    Hi, It seems you have to pay cash to get this liquor. can we add the principal liquor into feso shop?
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    [DECLINED]Enhanced Tactics on Ornella

    Hi, can we get enhanced tactics on ornella?
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    [DECLINED]Multiple Pet active (looter+ buff)

    Is it possible to implement two pets system? One for loot and another for buff
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    [DECLINED]Exchanging different Valeron grade to higher grade

    Hi Will it be possible to implement valeron blessing exchange? for e.g 10 Valeron 33 Grade to 1 Valeron 34 I have tonnes of 33 Grade which is just sitting there @[email protected]
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    [DECLINED]Adding guardian master in SCR

    Is it possible to add guardian master in SCR?
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    [DECLINED]Please add a lot of rare RNPC in cash shop

    Hi This server is getting to be real money trading server. I understand you can farm those characters in game. At the moment, to get rare rnpc. People are spending 50 EUR for 1 Hm char stone. Seriously, 50 EUR for 1 char in HM Char stone. This is more ridiculous than in official server. can...
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    [ACCEPTED]Payment for Australia

    HI, Can you add payment from australia? Paypal. I am not sure why credit card from australia is not allowed?