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    [DECLINED]Shield socket

    the big problem with snow dosnt was Socket was the AR/DR Shield that was too broke
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    [DECLINED]Shield socket

    i support Socket Idea but now glow
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    2500 Adromida Token Giveaway END!!!!!!!!!!

    IGN: 4fpr12 Discord: Wrynn #1207 Family name: Wrynn
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    [DECLINED]Some Suggestion about Figther

    @Dianmir @Zax check this guy, i dont speak with that kind of ppl even if i fight with him i can be penalize too then i leave it to Staff
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    Lightning Gracielo - Revamp

    Given MMA to him
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    [DECLINED]Some Suggestion about Figther

    If we are going to wait for version 31 and 32 to see what happens then do not yet decline it, just ignore it and see what happens when the most modern versions come, because if you decline it we will not be able to propose this again according to the rules of the forum and how You have seen this...
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    [DECLINED]Some Suggestion about Figther

    Arcanine bro 1 by 1 after fig made a reality or not i can test ele and wiz in order to see its advantages and disadvantages compared to other current characters and then to be able to do a micro boost suggestion and see how it works and if it needs more boost or if that works well
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    [ACCEPTED]Revamp of Topolo Durga

    that map is awesone is big and has many spots for leveling and farming maybe Wont be added Elementanium but can be Platiniun Bar(Rare Drop), Vis bag(Comun Drop), Elemental jewel(Extremly Rare Drop maybe Boss Drop) and Bristia Soldier and Officer Box
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    [DECLINED]Enabling STW to use ET with knuckles+Gaiters

    but can be ET +Knuckle then only need equip and desequip 1 gear and not both
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    [DECLINED]Enabling STW to use ET with knuckles+Gaiters

    let's make it possible for STW to use ET with knuckles and legs this would improve the life of this RNPC and made it a little usefull again and is more fairl for MMA because he can use ET with Dagger and its same formula Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic...
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    Does it matter who I use?

    +1 game need be balanced but we should start work 1 by 1 because that is a lot work if we presionate too much with that maybe can change idea of Administrators about do it Read it and vote this is a initial change i...
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    [Community Vote] Tierra de la Sed Time

    if TDLS open 3 times can fix for all players 8:00 16:00 and 24:00 all in GMT+0
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    [Community Vote] Tierra de la Sed Time

    2 time per day its better for different time zone and everyone happy even 3 time example Global Time 8:00 and 16:00 and 24:00 with this is imposible someone cant take it for real life commitments
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    Self introduction

    Family(ingame) name: Record Faction: - Real job: public employee city hall Nickname: Wrynn Hobbies: Airsoft Languages: spanish and English Timezone: GMT -4:00 What were you doing 1 hour ago: I was preparing lunch for my daughter What do you plan 1 hour from now: Netflix or Shooting my Airsoft...
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    [Community Vote] Tierra de la Sed Time

    We has player from caribbean me are from Dominican Republic -4:00 GMT then 18:30 is 14:30 here in that hour American Players are working xD
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    Favorite Reboldoeux Character?

    Claude Baudez Beacause in the lore he is the legendary GreatSword master but IMC forget this and vet and expert Stance is Polearm Event Younger Version used Polearm then when he Won the Tittle of Legendary GreatSword Master?
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    [DECLINED]Made a "Character Die Sound Notify"

    It is no secret to anyone that in this game we love so much we spend a lot of time away from the keyboard for one reason or another some are in school and university, others in their jobs or even taking care of their families (more complicated for those who are heads of families and have small...