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    [ACCEPTED]Remove Extra Channels From Colony Maps

    I'm against this because people still farm in those maps, especially with the drop rate boost during CW, removing ch2 means taking away this opportunity to farm some specific materials easier. And a lot of those materials are used for quests. Not everyone wants to spend money to buy everything...
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    [ACCEPTED]Add AB cores to rank 4,5 and lucifer roulettes

    We can obtain SD materials from rank 4/5 and lucifer roulettes except the AB cores which you can get only a few per CT run. It'd be better to add this material to those roulettes as well so players can craft those pendants and controllers. It's nothing game breaking and doesn't affect the...
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    [ACCEPTED]Add the rest of the rare stances to the Crystallized Nucleus shop

    I like and I think most people would like the idea that there would be more ways to obtain these books. They are not gaming changing powerful or meta. One thing that should be concerned is that they are on the extra token shop already. If they were on the nucleus shop as well, I guess no one...
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    [DECLINED]Quest Readjustment: Number of items Require.

    I’ve never heard of people complaining about her quest. The items are very easy to farm.
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    [ACCEPTED]about food

    Obtaining diary through hooking up?... with whom?
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    [DECLINED]Add CT CTB key to feso shop

    Most of us carry feso instead of moon stones. It’s annoying to buy moon stones then buy from jenia every time. since it doesn’t do any harm, can we have the keys in feso shop? in that case even if we forgot to buy from her we could still buy from the feso shop.
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    [ACCEPTED]Can Rabbit King drop sth better than 92 chips? (except liver)

    Considering its rare appearance rate, dropping 92 chips is a total joke, it should be something better. For example: Growth stones x 5 / Platinum bars x 15 / Farm tokens x 100
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    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens Giveaway

    IGN: OWL Discord: TeamOWL#6708
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    [DECLINED]Bryan/Brianne's Personal Skill retainment

    if chung were ranged, pretty sure this suggestion would be about marksmanship or other buffs that benefit ranged. there are too many skills that disappear when you change stance. if we change one, people will come up with suggestions to change the other ones. it would be endless.
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    [ACCEPTED]Update Castilla Daily

    Replacing those chips with feso or silver/gold/platinum bars.
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    [DECLINED]Bryan/Brianne's Personal Skill retainment

    marksmanship disappears when you change stance as well. Bryan’s is like the melee version of that. If this were to be accepted, marksmanship needed to change as well. Same goes for many other skills that have the similar features. I think this setting is there for a reason - to make the op...
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    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens

    IGN: OWL Discord: TeamOWL#6708
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    [DECLINED]Double token donation event

    I think some of us have already mentioned this. The community is still growing and the server capacity hasn’t increased enough to catch up with the growth rate. with this event, it will definitely increase the donation amount and attract more donors. I’d suggest we have this event after the...
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    [DECLINED]Multiple Pet active (looter+ buff)

    I’m just guessing how fast this will get rejected lol
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    2500 Adromida Token Giveaway END!!!!!!!!!!

    IGN: OWL Discord: TeamOWL#6708 Family name: OWL
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    2000 Adromida Token Giveaway END!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IGN: OWL Discord: TeamOWL#6708 Family name: OWL
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    [NOTICE] Increasing player numbers & Server Costs

    The monthly limit of Lucky Andromida Box should be less. 300 is too many. 100 to 150 monthly is more reasonable, as to avoid creating a whaling P2W environment.
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    [ENDED] 1000 Adromida Token Giveaway

    IGN: OWL Discord: TeamOWL#6708
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    [NOTICE] Increasing player numbers & Server Costs

    There are several items can be combined into one package and sold for a discounted price. It will be like a monthly subscription for several useful items. For example: Custom Wing 30 days x 3 + Pioneer Premium + 30-day bullet boxes x 3 = 15-20 EUR Weapon Costume x 3 package = 15 EUR...
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    [ACCEPTED]Lesser/no mobs in BH

    We can’t do that because certain quests require you to kill those monsters.