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    Alchemy is better after maintanance?

    idk since when this rumor has been around. so does doing alchemy after maintance is more rewarding or is it just a placebo effect?
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    What's the best non-rare char for BH and solo raid?

    I saw a lot of list about the best character to use for PvE and almost every thread talks about rare character all the time. I know it's a good character, but as of now I haven't yet find a single thread where they reccomend non-rare character. I'll invest for ms. chung later, for now I need to...
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    Password Change problem

    I just made a new account yesterday and it was doing perfectly fine also played a bit. But, due to real life problem I forget the password and tried to reset it. and so I did, but then I can't use my new password to log into the game but I can log into the forum. Any suggestion?