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    [Giveaway] New Character: Tom

    family name : Andithal Family level : 87 Discord: Dommi#8937
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    [DISCUSSION] Skip Quests?

    Hey believe it or not , I agree on all points ;)
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    [Giveaway] 1.000 Andromida Tokens | This giveaway will close: Jan 3, 2021 at 8:00 PM PST

    family name : Andithal Discord : Dommi#8937 goal :nothing special just a normal life again
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    Aclla on Errac

    The real problem is +10 them
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    [DECLINED]Pvp Manuals Crossworld Shop / Status Ampule

    Suggestion to lower the prices of the 3x pvp manuals (- + dmg ) from Xpvp shop . IMO they are way to expensive especially in higher rank u take 5 to 10 mins sometimes to find a match and then spending 35k per15 days is a lot. 2 ) lower the price of the total Status Ampule in feso shop. 300k...
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    Who are the top dps?

    Chunga, Chunga, Chunga, Chunga, Chunga, Chunga, Sariel, Canna, Chunga
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    [ACCEPTED]Adding more sources for Master/High Master EXP Cards

    So where do u level ur grandmasters ? New dungeons?
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    [PENDING]Keep Old Orden skyroad weekly mission. Add new reworked one as a separate mission.

    I totally agree if it’s only hard mission and not normal Skyroad anymore a lot of people won’t have the chance to gear anymore .
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    Aclla on Errac

    Should be reason enough to make it easier on a private server xD at leaset weapons . As for the accessories only earring recipe is a available in this version
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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    Make those ampules only work in Quintario if possible then I have nothing against making them tradable .
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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    Highly against it, this will game break certain stuff like Worldboss dps etc. Some ppl run this with alts and 25% monster atk is ALOT.
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    [DECLINED]Minimum requirement to start raid

    True u need 3 to even start the raid
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    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens Giveaway

    IGN Sophistique discord Dommi#8937
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    [ACCEPTED]Colony War Maps

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    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens

    IGN: Sophistique Discord : Dommi#8937
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    [DECLINED]Enable armor view for stock characters

    Maybe not 400k But i also think 1mil for every costume is alot
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    [DECLINED]Enable armor view for stock characters

    So sad they never made a look for valeron armors for stock chars .....but yes I agree
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    If u could port the KGE shooting nerf it would help already, that way block characters can actually block rene caisse again.