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    [Giveaway] 1.000 Andromida Tokens | This giveaway will close: Jan 3, 2021 at 8:00 PM PST

    Family Name: Penelope Discord Name: Jesse/Penelope Wishes for Next Year/Resolutions: No more lock downs uwu/ being able to visit family
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    Achivement "im read everything related information" of Kielce error ?

    i also have 10k favor rate and did ( i believe all kielce quests ) and yet 0/5 Penelope
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    [ACCEPTED]Make Quiritatio Ampules able to be traded

    i'm also against it , it's only from that raid and only for the person who gets it . imo it should stay that way those things are very op would make things even more easy as it is.
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    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens

    IGN: Penelope Discord: Jesse/Penelope#9224
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    [ACCEPTED]Character Balancing

    Well on the chungha topic , for Pve she's top tier , yes but like all other melees she dies quite fast unlike shooters because she does have to get close to bosses , and everyone knows that GE is not melee friendly =D. So for the Pve aspect i would say she's fine. Now for PvP i agree with what...
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    [DECLINED]Colony damage at Colony War.

    quite sure msb will get another nerf , besides that aclla is outdated now already by canna so let her be useful for something lol.
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    [ENDED] Illusion Card Giveaway

    IGN: Penelope Discord: Jesse/Penelope#9224
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    Drop rates really only x2?

    Hi , Really doesn't feel like it stared at my screen last night for 20 minutes only saw 1 essence dropping
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    @i8mykeyboard I'm not talking about a certain character here but aight , all i wanted with this suggestion is the create a more fun and healthier way of pvp . Yes charlotte will still deal alot of dmg to you (she is a character that is very overpowered ), but like i stated before i'm not just...
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    Why leave it as it is? , ya'll bark but don't come up with valid arguments.
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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

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    [PENDING]Reduce PVP dmg

    Reducing PVP dmg by a x% Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve? The idea behind this is that , on any official server you go it's basically a 1shot party ( just a get high penetration magic character,physical and just skill people/kill them 1hit...
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    Clan(Faction) Introduction

    Formula Clan (Faction) name: Nemesis Content: PVE/PVP/Clique Battle/Colony Wars/Misc : PVE/PVP/CB/CW Is the clan new or did it exist on another server previously: Existed on Rge server. Languages: English Timezone: GMT+1 Are we recruiting: yes Emblem: - Info : We are a clan that's open for...
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    [DECLINED]Improved some old content of game

    Sure sounds like a great idea , but don't put valeron armors, accesories in there because they really are end end game , and very hard to make.
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    Feedback on cash shop items and prices

    hm , well to be fair she's quite outdated in PVE there are alot more chars which you can get from questing which are better , PVP she's well.... a no go lol. Colony War sure shes good but i would say that's one of the few things she's actually helpful for .
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    Feedback on cash shop items and prices

    first of all i would put the merc license in feso , not in cash. 10 euro for a char , sure fine. things that kinda stick out for me are: Sacred Sedecram Pass (7 days) Period 5,00 eek , just put in feso pls. Enhanced Liquor of Steroid Consume 3,00 feso aswell? 3 euro for 1 10hour buff...
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    [DECLINED]Change novice soul crystals, triumph potions, warps, etc. to (event)

    you actually already can exchange them , but that only until you finish a certain questline which is IIRC armonia? (correct me if i'm wrong.) after that you can talk to the npc in rebo and he will give you event sc/tf's etc for your novice ones