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  1. 4tzal0n

    PVE Characters Collection

    Rosa, ATP and Asoka 😎
  2. 4tzal0n

    [DECLINED]Reduce atk or AR/DR Coa from quest Battle with COA

    Forgot something very usefull use black siber tiger pet and cool vita peach, human pot and sedative, spam skill chunga and cassandra
  3. 4tzal0n

    [DECLINED]Reduce atk or AR/DR Coa from quest Battle with COA

    That quest was hard for me, my suggestions is what u need to have good fam lvl Mine is 74 and build good atributte page I did with emi using pf, chunga for dps and cassandra for debuf and middle tank
  4. 4tzal0n

    [Giveaway] 1.000 Andromida Tokens | This giveaway will close: Jan 3, 2021 at 8:00 PM PST

    Family Name: Vanaheim Discord Name:Vaneheim#0545 Wishes for Next Year/Resolutions: total world domination 😈😈
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    Shelter Resistance worth farming ?

    Maybe they are afk there cause need farm esssences for some stuff
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    [ACCEPTED]Add the rest of the rare stances to the Crystallized Nucleus shop

    Is only my opinión cause all whole squad for that end content is doing between 12st and 16 st hard time for some player for america mostly of us are working or bussy some other stuff in real life that why my suggestion i dont see nothing bad whit is
  7. 4tzal0n

    [ACCEPTED]Add the rest of the rare stances to the Crystallized Nucleus shop

    Btw all other stance are in rank shop extra for me is no priority this change and is uselles, but if u agree that why no include too lama in rank shop extra??
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    New player help :)

    Get fam lvl 50
  9. 4tzal0n

    New player help :)

    Sux now 🤣
  10. 4tzal0n

    the launcher does not load me

    is working now
  11. 4tzal0n

    Can't Logg in

    is working now
  12. 4tzal0n

    Bug Bounty Hunt Program

    Some time that pass to me in leo
  13. 4tzal0n

    Bug Bounty Hunt Program

    my opinion is when tto many ppl log in the map and then left afk in initials point so there are more 3 or 4 family in the same place
  14. 4tzal0n

    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    that is must constructiive i can be, btw so there are at probability of change cure for mass cure of stance first aid like ion have flare of stance of warlock ?? i think that can be work dont matter if i need to spam key for use
  15. 4tzal0n

    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    only heal one char at time. with mass healing heal all team so Btw this change sux ty for nothing u.u
  16. 4tzal0n

    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    So why in official is work good?? so the problem is here That why i said dont space bar her aff elisa become useless in this server another char for refill fam lvl only u.u What Sad Story
  17. 4tzal0n

    [DECLINED]Make elisa Great Again

    i dont understand why elisa dont have mass healing here, if that is very usefull when u are raiding solo now if u dont want ur elisa run healing ur allie dont press space or dont bring her, there are alot char in this game so i suggest make elisa Great again plz:D
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    [ACCEPTED]about food

    i smell declined
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    Enchant Sedative Tickets

    Hi all, i wanna know what need to do for get that enchant sedative tickets what are selling npc rolax
  20. 4tzal0n

    [ENDED] 3000 Andromida Tokens Giveaway

    IGN: Vanaheim Discord: Vanaheim#0545