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    [DECLINED]Pvp Manuals Crossworld Shop / Status Ampule

    Suggestion to lower the prices of the 3x pvp manuals (- + dmg ) from Xpvp shop . IMO they are way to expensive especially in higher rank u take 5 to 10 mins sometimes to find a match and then spending 35k per15 days is a lot. 2 ) lower the price of the total Status Ampule in feso shop. 300k...
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    [ACCEPTED]Bristia Glove

    Any chance we can add „Bristia Glove „ which gives 1 more AR than Selva Glove to Elite Bristia Summon stone ? at the moment u can just get 1 per account and it takes alot of boring quests for 14 !Days where u have to collect a lot of different junk .
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    [DECLINED]Quest item Illisia Quest

    The quest „Pattern of Giant La Parsie Mordon“ needs 10x „crystal of corazon“ and You can only get that from Time paradox nephtys and Mission Talos . Back in time it was no problem because u could spam those missions and finish it in 1 day. Now you need to wait 5 !! Days to finish that quest...
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    [DECLINED]PvP Shop Manuals.

    Is it possible to add the PC dmg Manuals to Royal rumble shop for after Maint ? Those 3x Manuals are supposed to be in the “new PvP shop “ for crossworld PvP Veteran Expert Master . All 30 days . since we don’t have crossworld yet would be nice if we can get them .
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    [ACCEPTED]Shiny Zenia Boxes

    I want to suggest to lower the Shiny Zenia Keys from 10k Feso to 5 K feso . U need 2x to open 1 box and 20 k is a lot for 1 box . and so far I can confirm peroid wing coupons and 1 day bullet boxes are missing in the roulette those were common drops . As for the drop rate I think it’s a little...
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    [ACCEPTED]BH Normal & BH Hard Drops.

    After talking to Dianmir, he asked me to post this: Dianmir heute um 19:18 Uhr @Dommi can you tell me what you currently get and what feels underwhelming? only extra token [19:19] xd [19:19] sometimes chips [19:19] but 90% extra token [19:19] we did whole runs on normal BH and hard bh [19:20]...
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    [ACCEPTED]Rare Stances for Characters.

    Okay, after we had a long discussion in Discord, most people agreed on adding rare Stances such as Corsair,Carrier,Violetta Fero,Lord of Death and Lama. Because all the strong characters from Lyndon Boxes which we can get from the Summon stones will come with their Stances as well, so it's just...
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    [ACCEPTED]Upgrading System

    I would love to see the Valeron Milking System gone and be replaced with the Old Upgrading System. The Armors still use Anti Destroy, why not the weapons? RGE managed to do that. I don't have a source atm but maybe Arca will help me out. It's just a milking system from officials.