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    Violante max summon damage

    Vaiolante has already very high SEN. When mine summon no boss untill now killed that summon. If Vaiolante die summon also gone so better not use sen. Her attacks need INT
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    Bugged item?

    It only works on maps out of town. I have no idea why. Also pet summon works only out of town
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    Need guide for leveling chars

    There is a faster way: 1. go to BH and do all missions 2. sell the feso and in feso shop buy High master 10 card. This cost 5 mil feso. 3. Instant level your chars from lvl 100 to high master 10. To promote to Grand master you will need 2500 shny crystals. Buy them in BH shop or run castilia to...
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    Rose the Heart Recruitment

    Yes. As soon as battle start summon your Rose and run as far as possible in the map. This will make 1 of them chasing you while the other stay behind. So now you can kill 1 at the time while your summons tanking for you. Good luck
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    Can't start game

    OK eventually I had to download the game again. It was not server issue. Now it is working
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    Can't start game

    I dc'd in a middle of a mission and when trying to log back in it is just stack in the log in screen. After putting in user name and password it is just stuck there. Any idea how can I solve it?
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    Failed to save

    Every time I am moving map I get message "failed to save" How can I solve it?
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    CTB bugged

    Hi. CTB solo mission bugged on floor 2. I need to kill amount of what I am asked to but I am never told the right number. Instead Hellena stuck with message "Start from 0" this message was there right when I enter the floor 2 and last no matter how many I am really killing. I tried all from 0 to...
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    Viron quest

    You can get the Magical Paraphin from Pharrel also
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    Indevedual raid missions is not there

    Thank you found him at Reb by Stone pit exit
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    Indevedual raid missions is not there

    At Coinbra bridge there is no indevedual raid mission npc. How can I solve it?