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  1. Zax

    My account was deleted how do I start again?

    Yes, you have to create a new account.
  2. Zax

    How can to top up in store credit ? I'm from PH

    Hi, you can topup with gcash. Pease pm me on discord.
  3. Zax

    how can i buy credi i cant speak russian

    PM me on discord please.
  4. Zax

    Hi, you can send money to russian card, pm me on discord, i will help...

    Hi, you can send money to russian card, pm me on discord, i will help you.
  5. Zax

    Как можно задонатить?
  6. Zax

    Cabinet not releasing (again)

    Pm me on discord with screenshot please.
  7. Zax

    Recover inactive account?

    Hi, it's not possible.
  8. Zax

    не запускается игра

    try to tick off this option
  9. Zax

    i cant update the game

    just try again or use a different launcher
  10. Zax

    Disconnecting Regularly

    No alts/VPN allowed during war time. Check the discord.
  11. Zax

    Game crash upon connecting to server (global)

    Crash means your client is missing files. re-extract the client again and update the client to latest version.
  12. Zax

    Не могу зайти в аккаунт

    Just create a new account using new account id and email.
  13. Zax

    So, I would like to know what the heck is the reason why I got banned?

    MEMBER_ID HoshiyomiZel Zackadik Zeaaaan Zelchan04 Zelnea04 Zenaya204 Zn42Sea Zn42ZZ Zzn42Z You can find the reason in the picture
  14. Zax

    [Answered] Ignis stance

    3/17/2023 2:39:33 AM: Username ckwk33331 updated with 5 USD credit
  15. Zax

    [Answered] Transfer from Global to SEA server

    AzureRainz 500 tokens sent to you
  16. Zax

    [Answered] Cannot Login

    AzureRainz 500 tokens sent to you.
  17. Zax

    Quest Skip Questions

  18. Zax

    error running the client

    use the singapore mirror patcher