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    [Notice] RE:PvE season introduction

    summoner were left behind, would be nice to give them new stance or at least boost them up so they are worth investing. One of the reason I played this game is that summoners are in great design and actually fun to use.
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    Character Gear Ticket

    Yes in Rebo, P.Token Exchanger
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    Pve Tier List

    I don't have direct experience but from the observation, people don't use Shooter as main DPS much. They do use Merister Lorch for Farming tho. The only one I can think of as a shooter DPS is Huntress Cristine which is a custom char, heard she can melt the raid easily. But she is expensive, of...
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    Character rotation

    applied to other activity as well
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    Pve Tier List

    Laval strong because of GS user and great mulitiplier Also anyone that can use Ignis stance before it's custom the multiplier is quite extra.
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    Pve Tier List

    Melee = Laval Magic = Chole with exclusive stance, in my oppinion Princess Gabirelle is pretty good, Violantte also strong, and Ankita Buffer = anyone with ancient tactic and on rotation is strong
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    How do i get

    castilla mine also give out
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    [COLLECTION] Pet Abilities & Buffs

    please update information
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    Character rotation

    +150% Rank token drop rate
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    Character rotation

    I think in each maintainace the character rotation will change. You can check who is on rotation by clicking Ctrl+M>character>rotation. By using rotation character you will recieve buff while the rotation character is in the party. Buff will provide 100% moster damage and increase Rank token...