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Oct 29, 2021
So far I was trying to have some fun with them, but I think that some tweaks can still be done...

  1. Make a % of Life Leech equipped by the summoner be used by their summons to heal their master (NOT the summons)

    A fair % would be 1/10 of the Summoner's Life leech, given multiple summons summoned that would make it become 2~10% easily

  2. About Catherine Summoner, AVOID dolls to be destroyed while switching to Enhanced Tactics

    Can probably be easily achieved by looking at Angie's code given that she doesn't destroy her turrets when switching to defensive stance and viceversa.
    As with Angie, just make the dolls be destroyed when switching bewtween Expert and pre-Vet stance, but never with ET.

  3. About Rose The Spirit
    1. Speed up her animations: she is very slow with all her skills, even while summoning, that makes her kinda a dead weight...
    2. Increase duration of her personal skill: it kinda works like Divine Bless but for squad use as well, currently the duration is less than the cooldown. Furthermore, it doesn't stack with Divine Bless, so I really see it possible to increase the duration of it...


Sep 12, 2020
I agree with this, making useless characters(Cath, Viki and Jack) a bit less weak don't make then useable

I have difficult util to make ranks with cath summon... (With the Ge: PVE buff)

Over that you suggest, i suggest give the summoners characters another buff like, PEN stats to summons go the 100% of the summoner PEN, not only 75% like now...
Up at least more 20-50% of base damage of summons (this with the actual buff 200% (4% SEN/DEX) will give at least 40-120% damage, need calculations with extra SEN/DEX)
Give Pendant, controler and Hammer AR And DR to summon in one stats (not separate)
Summons with the same DR (without the buffs) of the summoner, at least with Catherine in this moment they have -1DR

Its painful to Build a Summoner character, only them use that specific weapon (only catherine use controler, only viki pendant, etc), to do nothing x,x, the most interesting part on this characters are, they are unique in this game, is like a 4 class type (ranged, melee, magic, summon), the others have at least one character to represent but here is complicate
I know they dont need multiple weapons to damage of every monster type, but, making they at least useable is the point, now they just dead (without lifesteal and without damage, so what is the point of buff them), less damage than every other auto attack character (good characters...)

This is the minimum i think, need tests, but with these buffs make they useables, if not, just make another buff or nerf (but they are so weak x.x)
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Nov 27, 2021
As a summoner lover i second this ! great post it's really frustrating when you have +7 or +8 weapon with good stat/enchant and that you still lack damage ..... we invest a lot of time and money for these weapons for minimal results.