[ACCEPTED]about food


Mar 31, 2020
1. I hope to lower the price of diary in feso store, or take food repic on the feso store. Reason: Obtaining diary through hooking up is too cumbersome, and it will only cause more people to fall into AFK hooking up equipment, affect the activity of the game, and increase the opening of trumpet The burden of hanging up
2. I hope I can enter the farm with 3 characters. I can only enter the farm with a single character so I have little interest in entering the farm. I don’t like to switch characters back and forth to the farm. I have limited time to play games every day after work. I hope I can save time. 3 characters enter the farm. , And then I can go out and make copies directly, saving a lot of time


Staff member
Mar 25, 2020
1. Decreasing the price of "Old Journal 1-9" on Feso Shop sounds reasonable after looking how many recipes have been bought so far. It is below my expectations.
There will still be the need to actually craft the recipes so this doesn't influence the family farm and the market arround the food items.
2. Enabling entry of 3 characters to Family Farm is not possible, it is a technical limitation.

Changes from point 1 will be part of next maintenance.
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