[ACCEPTED]Add Ancient Star Orbs in feso shop

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So, let's say you're doing a raid, you run out of aso, at this point aso are similar to bullets, they are needed for skills just like regular bullets are needed. So it'd be very convenient to put them in the feso store, like one 1k aso box can be sold for 10k feso, and the 10k aso box can be sold for 100k feso ( or maybe less than that), and if possible, even add it to the bullet dispenser. This change will have no real effect on the economy of the game, it won't be game breaking, or big at all


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Mar 25, 2020
Suggestion status has been changed to [PENDING].

Update 28.11.2020: Suggestion status has been changed to [ACCEPTED].
Your example regarding running out of Ancient Star Orbs while doing some activity is valid enough.
More information can be found on patchnotes for next maintenance.
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