[ACCEPTED]Can you reduce the amount of craft materials?


Mar 31, 2020
  • [old black rose] need 30000 silk ; It takes a lot of time to fight monsters to get props, so a large number of trumpets in the Castlevania area are hanging up. I don’t want to indulge in hanging up all the time. I hope to reduce the number of needs, so that it can not only reduce a large number of trumpets online, but also increase the game activity
  • Hope to reduce the quantity of silk demand(15000 is ok), or increase the drop rate
  • Urgency 4 (1 = low,5 = high)
  • Will not affect the game economy?
  • It will not affect the core functions of the game
  • it will only allow more people to make this prop, increase the stickiness of the game, and attract more players
  • If you refuse, it will only allow more players to open multiple accounts to get silk by hanging up, and it will only endlessly high the price of props, which will make many players discouraged and the game experience is extremely poor.


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Mar 28, 2020
30k Silk is easy to farm with two accounts, put two of your accounts in a viron map for 1 night and you should have around 30k silk in 1 night or day


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Mar 28, 2020
is it me or you just have 2 mules + main account?! In which case, Dianmir should ban 1 of your mules and remove the rewards you've got from it. wtf
he also has other people loggin in for him to do raids and stuff lol


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Mar 25, 2020
I understand this suggestion, 30k of a crafting material that can be solely farmed from AFK-playing doesn't feel good.
The suggestion has been accepted but the reduction will be moderate so this change doesn't affect the micro-economy arround those two items/three maps too much.

Change will be part of maintenance on 12.06.2020.
  • Amount of crafting material "Silk" for Artifact "Old Black Rose" reduced from 30.000 to 25.000.
  • Amount of crafting material "Soft Cotton Yarn" for Artifact "Old Selene's Memory" reduced from 30.000 to 25.000.
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