[ARCHIVED/FINISHED] October's Client Update

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Dec 31, 2020
Wrong. the loudest people want kge 1:1 because most of them think: custom stance = power creep. or jGE stance/assets = jGE level of power creep. Arcis can and would easily tweak their numbers to the point where they are just viable or not even the best. He didn't ask how to balance the game he asked if people would like a balanced jGE content. Most people here seem to miss the word "balanced".

Ultimate jGE stances that are nerfed to do 1 dmg wouldn't break the game in any way shame or form.
Now down to what power level should they be nerfed if implemented is another question.

Oh and there might also be a few people who just want kge 1:1 regardless because they think IMC devs are some kind of gods and that GE is the greatest piece of art ever created or some shit. who knows.

Balanced custom content should be harmless and I don't see why we shouldn't do it.
If it comes close but doesn't outperform the best official character we have for said job, it would only give more variety of choice.
That yes, a bigger variety in char selection would certainly be desirable. The question is, is the amount of work that has to be put in really worth it? Cuz I fear that there will be the case. Adding extra stances from JGE that need effort to adjust them so they will not be OPed, this does not sound like an easy thing to do. We have seen the problems with G.Ania recently, how hard it can be to just release a char that has the official stats; so how tricky will it be to release custom stances on a server that is not a super high rate as JGE was?

Tbh I'd rather like to see the new chars to be released first, but maybe there could be a balance between both of them. I certainly would like to see someone like MBoma become somewhat useful due to new/custom stances, as long as it is on par with the current stances, or gets close to it. Yet I fear that it wont be like that, this is why I opposed it. If there will be balance, so it is still worth it to get new chars, then yea, go on. But if new chars become obsolete cuz the older ones that get custom stuff are way stronger than the new ones, then im certainly against implementing that stuff.

Besides. I get the feeling that you seem to think that ppl see that aGE is still somewhat on the path of the regular servers. This is not the case. We already got quality of life stuff (Old Journals etc. in Feso Shop), we get old stances that can be used as bypasses till we get the really good stances basically in the market (Punisher, Placidez, Innocentio...), and, whats probably the biggest change, we got WAY better roulettes and higher drop rates than the official servers. So yes, aGE already is somewhat a high rate server, and I think people are aware of it.
But not everyone wants a power server, like JGE was. Cuz there, you might run out of challenges too quickly, so all thats left to do is do the ridiculous stuff, like running a 3man raid with 1 char or something, resulting in people getting bored too fast and leaving.
That is, in the end, what I would like to see getting prevented. Keep some challenges, dont make everything too easy, so that people can still make progress, but do not reach all and everything in the blink of an eye.


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Sep 7, 2021
Change is the only constant in life. Please make it similar to kGE or jGE. We want change and please if the event stance are a success, make it global and not only for events. Thanks and peace out.


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Mar 29, 2020
Probably its not what ppl think it is. See Arc's Trello for an roadmap of implementation. Just updating the client with models, animations, or even full IES changes ("assets") would not make anything in game. Biggest part is scripting, and it would take a while anyway, with some chars being VERY hard to implement without engine changes (Maria especially).
Take a deep breath. No miracles, its still hard work.
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Oct 1, 2021
Please excuse me, im new here and i cannot get in to the game. october 1 2021 +8 gmt is the server having maintenance please help me. Thank you


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Mar 31, 2020
pls give us all JGE Stance but not only for event for all but balance it because JGE is overpowered content but not are bad idea give us new content event can be Cash Shop Stance example need 20 page and each pay price is 100 aGE Tokens
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