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May 7, 2022
So I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but like most MMORPGs there are bonuses. Such as: login bonus, event quests etc.

Maybe just a little about me I played GE the last time it was called Sword of the New World :D okay not quite, I think I played "seriously" the last time Nar just came out.

A daily login bonus would definitely be a motivation for the players, according to current numbers there are just over 2000 active players at the moment. The game has a lot of potential and for new players it's definitely easier to get into the game than it was when I started. But for players like me, low master, its a few small gifts and I mean really "small ones" like a buff for 1 hour (combat exp, fortitude etc) or just a reward in the form of materials
or which sets the activity points back to max (yes, I know you can do that once a day anyway).

As I noted there is a lot of new stuff to discover so I assume you have enough imagination to come up with something if some kind of reward for active players is desired.

Event Bonus: A kind of daily run of quests that take about 30-60 minutes a day and don't get you any further in the game, but maybe give buffs, chips, tokens or material for recipes.
So typical standard items, or maybe a MoonStone or something.

Best regards
and thank you that there is still an active community that is obviously asked and heard when it comes to improvements and changes.
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