[DECLINED]About Miho, Miha transformation


Jun 9, 2020
i use Miho for a while and i feel like she is impossible to transform for daily/short mission .got 1 fox bead for skill weak monster,random fox bead is 1-3 (if enemy have debuff) and fox bead duration is pretty short . in every daily mission like Bounty hunter, rank mission, Clock tower, Clock tower basement , bible mission...if they cant transform, the fox is useless,and it's really hard to tranform (team mate clear all the mob, bosses died fast that when i tranform the boss is nealy die , or this the boss not die , then we are fucked and die too => cant tranform ... ) .
So here is my suggestion, just need one of these option :
1, make skill that gain fox bead gain 3 fox bead instead of random 1-3
2, make fox bead duration longer , or not lose them when dead . it's slow but we still stack fox bead for tranform.
i know that they are strong once they transform but still cant compare to top tier dps like canna, sariel . these buff make them viable for more mission


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Jul 14, 2020
They aren't DPS characters. Miho has potential to DPS but the pair are more PvP focused.

They have their niche and are absurdly strong when their buff is on, you're just using them for the wrong content. Though I'm sure Miha users would love having an easier time getting their buff, I'm fine with where they are.


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Mar 25, 2020
I am afraid this suggestion will be declined for the same reason as other suggestions about improving charaters.
This would start a chain reaction since improving 2 out of 180? characters doesn't seem particulary fair.


Jun 9, 2020
@Dianmir :uhm okay :(
@Belligero: well miha is pvp char, and he is strong in CB ,agree. his skill still strong and can use even without transform.
But miho is preaty weak, since her cast speed before tranform is shit, 1.4-1.7 cast time and mid range,need target , the only skill viable is skill 3 but it dont give fox bead, anyone can hit her before she can do anything, she wear coat too.in CB find boxes and cast skill is pretty slow and if some one space bar and break it, yeah no boxes for you to tranform.