[DECLINED]Change 32DR armor enhance materials to Shiny Crystal


Jun 9, 2020
  • Description
    • Proposing to change the enhancement materials for 32 DR armors (Elite Le Noir etc.) to Siny Crystals instead of Enhancement Powders
  • Why is the idea good, which current problem does it fix, which mechanic does it improve?
    • Currently there's a disconnect between the accessibility of AR vs DR; for newer players, this is more apparent when trying to ramp up gear solely from daily missions. 32 DR armor is easily accessible around the same area as 33AR weapons however they require more expensive materials to enhance. Comparatively, people go for Greek Croma instead because it it much more economical in terms of resource cost (both currently use Enh.Powders) and offers more DR.
    • This aims to promote the use of 32DR armors as a definitive entry point for newer / more casual players towards higher level content.
  • How urgent is this, rate 1-5 (1 = low, 5 = high)
    • 1
  • Will it affect the game economy?
    • Yes, this also aims to promote the use of Vet level resources not just 32DR armors, including but not limited to: +5+6+7 anti destroy vet items providing an alternative more diverse money/resource sink.
  • Will it affect a core feature of the game?
    • Enhancement
    • Possibly expenditure of lower Rank Tokens and other Vet Dungeon resources
  • If we approve it, what will happen?
    • Optimistically, it adds additional dimension to use of lower grade resources and promotes running lower level dungeons either for resource gathering or profits.
  • If we decline it, what will happen?
    • Things remain the same.
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Mar 25, 2020
The idea has potential but I have to reject this for the simple reason that this isn't configurable.
There is hardcoded functions regarding weapon/armor enhancement that we can't change.

If players believe that the accessibility to +7 32DR armor isn't good enough, a solution would be to improve the amounts of +6/+7 Anti-Destroy for 32DR armors.
Players can gladly make suggestions regarding that.