Extra Stance & Re:PVE


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Apr 10, 2020
since i saw some chars can get extra (non-custom) stance, i want to re-suggest my old suggestions (which were rejected by former dev)

-. Flintlock or Wanted stance for Lionel / Leonele; Punisher stance is easier to get in this server but i think adding Flintlock or Wanted for his alternative expert stance won't hurt. Especially after i saw Selva got Equites

-. Lord-of-Death for Edward; Kurt and Edward are supposed to be similiar in power.
And also i want to suggest for Kurt & Edward to be having same personal skill, my suggestion is combining those 2 PS (soul ripper & grim ripper), +30% atk & movement spd and hp sp regen

another suggestion is Re: PVE for quest Romina, quest Daria, quest Natalie & Rescue Knight's Flintlock. adding auch's infatry flintlock Re: PVE for them.
quest Daria & quest Romina Equites also need Re: PVE but i'm not sure what should be added
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Feb 27, 2021
Ancient Arts for Lightning Gracielo and make able to Rescue Knight use Vespanola Navy Costume... She is the oldest character without a Costume.
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