Family Rename Option


New member
Sep 3, 2020
Hello. I would like to enquire if there is any method for us to rename our family name? I just started playing this game again after the SEA server closed down in 2017. To my surprise, I happened to meet a few of my friends and guildmates in this server, and most of them remembered my old family name, hence why I was thinking of renaming my current family name to my old one, for old time's sake. Thank you for any responses from the admins and GM.


Staff member
Mar 25, 2020
Hello, sadly we do not offer this option. Official servers had major issues with such a mechanic in the past which can result in accounts being broken beyond repair.
We don't want to put players at such a risk. What I suggest is you put your family names you used previously into your family (account) profile both ingame and on Website.