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Mar 29, 2020
Hello everyone. I`m just re-posting my tools from GEEU forums (as it`s gonna shutdown soon, think).
In short- that`s a couple of short scripts that `ll generate a "jupath-like" (currently maintained as database in one single .html file. This .html will be BIG (~7 mb with all options- chars, items (actually 50+% of total file volume), etc.
It basically copies what you can see in ingame information center, and uses game translation data to work, so ofc what`s bugged in game (like missing AR\DR stats in buff description, for example) -will STILL BE bugged in .html
You can read more about it (old version) here:
Usage is basically the same. Place in /ge/, run prepare.bat, run parse(English).bat. Or run .php files directly.
Current changelist and roadmap for it:

Link: (Current images included, will re-upload with "clean" image folder in a couple of days).

Compared to GEEU forums release:
1) Parse more information -not only characters, but currently also:
-Achievments (sorted by category)
-Weapons&Armors&Accessoires&Medals (Each on separate tab, sorted by sub-classes, like weapon => Swords\Sabres\..., Armors=> Leather, Metal, Robe, Coat....
-Craftable equipment is parsed with recipe. Enchantable equipment is parsed with option list and chances.
2) Some mid-class errors is fixed. Way more clean script output (less errors, mainly due to fixed errors with missing files. Not 100% fixed, planned 100% fix with next update.
3) More durable to incorrect xml markup , thx Hand of Vecna & Prefix from Starstorm-ge for pointing:
4) Re-structured main script, to make it a bit easier to read. Commented a bit.

No ETA,i`m doing it for fun when i`m interested in it. As i`m not playing GE for some time -my interest is in the scripts itself, not in the game. There can be very different time gaps between any changes. You can motivate me a bit by showing your interest in this toolkit, but do not expect anything.

ChangeAmount of work\timeDetailsPossible options:
Change whole script design to be more modular & controllable with CLI or small web GUI1-2 full days.While it`s easy to simply make script modular (aka make it possible to select what kind of content you do want to parse, and what you don`t), and it can be done within a couple of hours right now- i want this kit to be interactive in the end, so such control can be applied with command line, without messing with files. Doable, but can wait until next release, as currently amount of options if bearable, it`ll only rise with next updates.SEMI-DONE.
Fancy GUI, maybe with some HTML framework???As it`s a kind of thing that involves personal tastes more then technical questions- currently it`s as "clean" as possible, 90% is pure clean HTML elements without any decorative styles. But as i want it to be usable "out of the box"- i`ll have to decorate basic template at least a bit.
Even more options to parsefrom 1 hr\option to ???Currently planned stuff:
1) Expedition page (one big table, same as ach. page
2) "Mission" tab from information center. Basic mission info.
3) Questlines info - basically "Quest" tab from information center.
4) Some static information that can be useful, like accesoire enhancement chances
Currently done in separate scripts. Need to be integrated into the toolkit, which is easy. More complex options can require more time. Open for suggestions.
Page structure changes to reduce file size1-2 full daysCurrently some stuff is done in a bit better way (skills& stances, where it was critical NOT to store everything as extra-long string on character page, as many chars have same stances, and many stances have same skills.
But changes done last week (basically anything aside character pages) is not so modular. It`s possible to reduce total file size by ~30-40% by simply replacing repeatative content with "shortcuts". But atm it`s not considered 1st priority .
GUI commfort changes1-2 full daysAnchors where it`s needed (like anchors on stance names on char pages, which`ll scroll the page to the stance), maybe tooltips instead of plain texts for some elements.
Next Major Update: Implement custom static fields from internet source (like Pastebin), to store pre-defined info. Like links to Fatsnake yt for stances.1-2 weeks (depends on amount of content to be manually processed)
Minor: move illust files automatically1 hrCurrently you`ll have to move /ui/illust/ to /images/ manually.DONE
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Mar 29, 2020
Minor update:
1)Fixed a couple of parsing errors.
2).HTML is now semi-modular. Script will ask you for categories that you want\do not want to parse. You can answer "N" or "n" to skip this category (it`ll skip everything- side tabs, header link, content), or anything else (including simply spamming enter) to include category.
3) No more ./illust/ folder moving needed. Script will put item icons into /image/Items/ folder. That includes recipe items icons and parsable item categories icons (weapons\armors\medals\accs).
4) A bit more proper layout for item tables, to be more compact in case item have both chipping options and crafting recipe.
5) Now replaces {br} with HTML <br> tag. Basically new line.
6) Cleaned /image/ folder, which reduced archive volume to 24MB from 100+.
DL link:
Achievment for 170x 36 AR weapons craft is "semi-fixed" (reported to @Dianmir , "fixed" on server-side).